PEPPER PIKE — After pulling a petition to run for re-election, Mayor Richard Bain said that he has a lot more to accomplish in the city, including maintaining infrastructure and planning for sustainability.

“I’m honored to be the mayor of Pepper Pike. We’ve accomplished a lot during my terms,” he said. “It’s a challenging job but I enjoy doing it for a wonderful community.”

Mayor Bain spoke on various long-term goals for the city. He said that infrastructure is always a priority, and said that it must be maintained and improved. Mayor Bain holds regular meetings with City Engineer Don Sheehy, Finance Director Joe Brodzinski and other directors to work progressively on the city’s five-year plan. The biggest infrastructure project that the city will embark on this year, according to Mayor Bain, is replacing sanitary sewers in portions of the city that still have septic tanks.

He said that he will also work to maintain green space through Pepper Pike, especially at the Beech Brook property. Axiom Development Group is under contract to purchase the 65-acre property near Lander Circle and has interest in building a town center there. Mayor Bain said that no matter what happens at the property, there will be a green corridor there with walking trails that will be available for public use. Morgan Park and the Pepper Pike Park are also well-used, Mayor Bain said.

“The city was very pleased to work to establish Morgan Park as a permanent green space in Pepper Pike,” he said.

Mayor Bain said that since he took office eight years ago, he has enhanced stormwater management by working directly with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District for upkeep work, such as replacing broken culverts.

Pepper Pike is mostly a residential community, and the mayor said that he would continue to create the right impression for visitors through the exterior inspection program for housing. He said that the city encourages residents to maintain the quality of their homes for their own benefit and that of their neighbors.

The city’s retail is concentrated at Landerwood Plaza, and Mayor Bain said that his administration worked successfully with Glimcher Group Inc., the new owners of the plaza, while the storefronts were renovated to maintain the traditional appearance of the shops.

“Retail is a very challenging environment,” he said. “We always try to work with our businesses and partner with them.”

In addition, Mayor Bain said that the city is safe. He credited the police and fire departments for their quick response times and extensive training.

With eight years of experience under his belt, Mayor Bain said that he wants to continue working with his administration, council and residents to address the long-term needs of the city.

“I hope I’ve demonstrated that I have the leadership skills that the community needs and that I have enough humility to be open to listening to others’ opinions as to the best manner we should approach issues with and go forward,” Mayor Bain said.

The mayor said that his job is to meet the expectations of his residents.

“It’s very nice for me to meet new residents who I knew when they were children and now with their own families, they’re moving back to the city where they grew up,” he said. “I never want Pepper Pike to be the place where they own a house. I want it to be a place that they’re proud to call home.”

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