The morning after the Nov. 15 gas line explosion in Pepper Pike shows the severity of damage to the roadway.

PEPPER PIKE — Dominion Energy has paid $64,521 in engineering fees to repair Brainard Circle after a 30-inch gas main exploded on Nov. 15, city officials said.

Although much of the repair work has been completed, there is still a long way to go, according to Mayor Richard Bain. The main repair project ended mid-February and the traffic circle reopened. There is more work for the water main, landscaping and asphalt and concrete repairs, City Engineer Don Sheehy said. Dominion must pick up the costs.

There were no injuries at the time of the gas line explosion and fire, which occurred overnight. Even though the circle is open for traffic, there is still a section of pavement that is a work zone, but Mr. Sheehy said that cars can pass through. That area was temporarily patched last week, he said, because Cleveland Division of Water delayed waterline repairs until later this year, perhaps September or October.

“It was fine, then Cleveland Water had an issue with the repair. There was more damage that wasn’t addressed and they need to go back in and make more repairs,” Mr. Sheehy said last week. “They’re holding off on the work for when it’s in less demand.”

He said that summer is not an ideal time to shut off water for a group of residents, especially when they rely on it more for seasonal activities such as watering flowers and lawns. Mayor Bain said that it is a major project to cut out and replace a large valve and the Cleveland department is “stepping gingerly” to find the right timing. For the initial repairs to the gas line and the water main, Mayor Bain said that Dominion was diligent. The process has been slower for land restoration, he said.

Dominion contracted with a landscape company to repair the lawns that were damaged at the time of the incident. There are about 20 properties on Brainard Road between Shaker Boulevard and Fairmount Boulevard that were affected, Mr. Sheehy said. The landscapers started repairing lawns last week.

“Here we are in June and these front yards are still torn up, and that’s not a happy situation for the residents or the city,” Mayor Bain said.

The mayor explained that the lawns will be repaired before the asphalt and concrete curbs are replaced because the residents should not have to deal with a damaged yard for much of the summer.

“When they do the streets, there’s going to be some damage again along the curb area and they’re just going to have to fix it again,” Mayor Bain said. “We insisted that the residents should not sustain a summer’s worth of their front yard being torn up.”

He added that the city has a “full commitment” from Dominion to replant the center of Brainard Circle. A lot of soil was displaced, Mayor Bain said, and plantings may not begin until later this fall or early spring.

For inspections and plans, Dominion receives an invoice and pays the bill directly, according to Mr. Sheehy. For construction-related expenses, the city will pay the contractor and Dominion reimburses the city.

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