On March 18, the Russell Township Board of Trustees assembled for their meeting in a near-empty conference room. The trustees’ meeting remained open to the public during the onset of the coronavirus spread, but residents were encouraged not to come.

Trustees assistant Melissa Palmer said board members practiced social distancing last week as recommended by state health officials.

Per the Geauga County prosecutor’s recommendations, board members announced that they are going to be limiting their meetings and focusing only on the business that needs immediate attention. This means that the board meeting tentatively set for April 1 was canceled. Unfinished business including needed updates on the township website will be tabled for now.

The board last week approved a contract to participate in the purchase of 1,600 pounds of road salt from the Ohio Department of Transportation for the upcoming winter season.

Trustees also approved a $44,000 payment request from Trax Construction, the company that currently is working on reconstructing County Line Road. Mrs. Palmer said the project should be completed by September.

Currently, County Line is closed at its southerly end while Trax builds retaining walls in neighboring Hunting Valley. That means no road construction is going on now in Russell Township.

In other news, Russell Township will be scheduling a public paper shredding day later this year. The board voted to apply for a $1,500 grant offered by the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council to hire vendors to perform document shredding.

Mrs. Palmer said the shredding will likely take place this summer or fall.

Trustees canceled Red Raider Trails Homeowners Association and Hemlock Hills Homeowners Association April meetings in the township building due to COVID-19 restrictions.

After convening for executive session, the board voted to hire Cathleen Birli as a zoning secretary. According to Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Birli has worked in clerical and secretary positions in the past but has not worked in zoning.

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