RUSSELL — The township is looking to spend about $5,300 on six security cameras, a special infrared camera that records license plate numbers and a new database to store information for people caught littering at the recycling center, Trustee Jim Mueller said last week.

The estimate for the new equipment comes from Visual Armor LLC of Painesville, Mr. Mueller said at the July 15 meeting.

“Frankly, the present system was basically inoperable,” he explained, “so we had to put in a new base station and replace all the actual cameras. The system we’re contemplating is more sophisticated than what they had a few years ago for license plate readers.”

Mr. Mueller initially brought the issue of dumping at the recycling center to trustees’ attention at a June meeting, when he showed pictures of trash bags, boxes and mattresses discarded next to the dumpsters and told the board that he wanted to see it change.

He added that the recycling center currently has dedicated bins for newspaper and magazines, some for cardboard and paper and others for light plastic and aluminum cans. Trustee Gary Gabram said that one of the issues is that signage tells recycling center visitors that they have to remove items from plastic garbage bags, which leaves many of the bags abandoned outside.

Mr. Gabram added that fencing would prevent any discarded items, or ones that escape from the dumpsters, from blowing away, but finding vinyl or wood material for the barrier is difficult right now.

“One thing we talked about was a sign,” Mr. Mueller said. “We want a 4-by-8 DayGlo sign that says no littering. If you can’t put it in the bin, you can’t put it on the ground. It says up to $500 in fines and two months in jail. That’s going to get their attention.

“I want to be harsh. I want them to know, this could be costly,” Mr. Mueller added.

He added that the $2,500 Go Green grant the township received this year through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will help cover some of the costs of security equipment and signage, which is a separate expense from the $5,300 estimate.

In other news, the police department will be refunded the $1,770 employees spent on masks, wipes and sanitizer after trustees authorized the money as COVID-19 expenditures covered by the County Coronavirus Relief Fund.

“This is the first payment request,” explained Melissa Palmer, assistant to the township trustees. “There will be more at subsequent meetings.”

Trustees accepted what Mr. Mueller described as a “raccoon art plaque” to be displayed in Town Hall. Ms. Palmer said the plaque, which previously belonged to former Munson zoning inspector and road superintendent Bill Mason, weighs about 30 pounds.

“It’s a heavy bronze plaque on a thick board,” Mr. Gabram described. “He said ‘I don’t know what to do with it, so maybe hang it at Town Hall.’”

Trustees appointed Burton resident Sarah Sustin as the new president of the West Geauga Joint Recreation District Board for a three-year term that ends in 2023. Mrs. Sustin will replace former board president Walt Waetjen, who passed away in 2019.

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