RUSSELL — Thanks to trustees, township EMT Jacob Ebright will be attending the Auburn Career Center Paramedic program for free this fall.

The board approved the $7,700 tuition payment at a meeting on March 18. Russell Township Fire Department Chief John Frazier said his department has sent 15 EMTs to receive paramedic training in the past.

“We’ve used this process with a contract for probably 25 years or more,” fire Chief Frazier said. “So if we have one of our firefighter EMTs who wants to go to paramedic school, we offer them the ability to enter in this contract and it helps preserve our investment into the cost of that class while they have the ability to enhance their skills, too.

Chief Frazier said this contract is useful because Russell Fire Department consists entirely of part-time employees.

Mr. Ebright, 20, has been with the department since September of 2019.

“It’s important to develop our younger individuals,” Chief Frazier said. “This is a great opportunity for them to get some assistance with a permitted program. By them participating in the department under the contract, it’s giving back to the community.”

Chief Frazier said there are a number of different procedures that paramedics can perform that EMTs can’t, which makes them more useful. Paramedics are allowed to start IVs, administer some drugs and perform intubation. Chief Frazier said that EMT training was less intensive than paramedic training.

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