RUSSELL — The start of demolition and construction at the Circle K store is expected to be underway in the fall, but the township zoning office still is awaiting the final application from the store. Some changes to the plan include relocating a fuel tank as well as a trash container.

Russell Township Zoning Inspector Shane Wrench said an underground storage tank will be relocated to a site next to the planned gas pumps. In addition, a trash container will be moved to the northeast corner of the property. The changes will be better for the community, he said.

The demolition of the old Circle K building along with a building next to it and a former bank building is part of the overall site plan at the intersection of Chillicothe Road (Route 306) and Kinsman Road (Route 87).

Construction will probably start in mid-August or September, but that is subject to change, Mr. Wrench said. As of last week, Circle K had not submitted a final application needed before a building permit can be issued.

Plans call for building a 4,488-square-foot store, which will face east.

Circle K is purchasing two adjacent buildings, one which housed a veterinary clinic and the other a former bank building which faces Kinsman Road. Both will be razed.

Representatives of Circle K requested 19 variances including one to place the driveway off of Kinsman Road moving it east, away from the Chillicothe Road intersection, to meet Ohio Department of Transportation’s regulations, Mr. Wrench said.

By moving the driveway, Circle K planners had to move the trash container to the northeast corner of the property. The underground fuel storage tank will be moved to the fuel canopy and away from the neighboring property line, he said.

The driveways planned for off Chillicothe and Kinsman roads are designed to accommodate the fuel delivery trucks and vehicle safety.

Bob Wellert, civil engineer representing Circle K, said they are still working on the project design. They have completed the process through the township zoning and are working on stormwater plans through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and any other agency involved, he said. “It’s still an active project.”

Jane Gray, an owner with her husband of Edgewood Auto Body located adjacent to the Circle K’s eastern property line, said ODOT made Circle K move the trash container to the northeastern corner of the Circle K property.

The underground storage tanks, which were planned to be located next to the Edgewood Auto Body property, were moved to the north end of the gas pumps.

“We’re happy we don’t have to look at the garbage container,” she said.

As to signage at the site, Mr. Wellert said the plans call for two identification signs with one facing Chillicothe Road and one facing Kinsman Road. The building will not face Route 306, the main road, and signs are needed to alert drivers to the location, he said.

A non-lighted canopy will include the Circle K logo, according to information presented at previous board of zoning appeals meetings. The store entrance will face east, with the back of the building facing west. There will be false windows on the side facing Chillicothe Road, Mr. Wellert said.

Lighting will not shine directly at the intersection, he said. There will not be a blinding effect on vehicles.

Mr. Wellert has reviewed water consumption of at least 10 different Circle K stores and the use is considerably less than the 3,500 gallons available. A plan for a car wash has been eliminated.

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