Russell Township Park District Board Chairman Dennis Suhay said Monday that the Modroo Farm park will once again be tax-exempt.

On Jan. 29, the State of Ohio Department of Taxation approved the park district’s exemption and application for real property tax remission, he said.

“Due to an oversight on my part, this paperwork was not filed and we had to pay taxes on Modroo Farm Park last year,” said Mr. Suhay.

Mr. Suhay said Modroo Farm initially was 52 acres and the park district purchased an additional 8 acres adjacent to the parcel. When the 8 acres were added, they assumed it would be added in with the tax-exempt 52 acres, but it was given a whole new parcel number which then made it not tax-exempt anymore, he explained.

“We were totally unaware that that was going to happen until we got a tax bill and, unfortunately, we had to pay the tax bill,” said Mr. Suhay. “The great news is the $16,448 we had to pay in taxes was then refunded to us on Feb. 24, 2021, it was nice to have this money refunded and added back to the budget.”

Near the end of the meeting, Mr. Suhay and other board members approved four check signatures, one for the Ohio Auditor of State in the amount of $234, a payment to the law firm of Thrasher, Dinsmore & Dolan in the amount of $3,750, a $100 payment to Edward H. Sutton Insurance Agency and a payment to their accountant, Karen Alger in the amount of $600.

The meeting was held on May 10 at the West Woods Visitor’s Center. The next Russell Township Park District meeting will be held on July 12 at West Woods.

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