Russell — As part of a pooled grant that will help other fire departments throughout Geauga County purchase new radios, the township is set to receive $93,000, Trustee Jim Mueller said after a special meeting last week.

Coordinated by Chester Township Police Chief John Wargelin, the grant will spread more than $890,000 between Russell, Chester, Munson, Hambden, Kirtland and Willoughby Hills.

Russell Township Police Department received a separate $7,166.25 grant through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office that will be used to outfit officers with bulletproof vests, Chief Timothy Carroll said after the meeting.

“I’m hoping to do at least 10 this year,” Chief Carroll said. “And this grant pays for 75 percent of the cost so the police department will pay 25 percent, so it’s a pretty good deal.”

Russell will be responsible for paying what Mr. Mueller estimated to be $4,000 in landscaping work to correct the angle of a driveway that has been affected by the construction taking place on County Line Road.

“There was a meeting of the county engineer, the contractor and a representative of the trustees, our attorney was there and the attorney for the family that’s upset about the angle of the driveway coming off County Line Road,” Mr. Mueller explained.

He added that the house, which belongs to the Muzzin family, is located in the portion of road in Russell Township, instead of the portion in the Village of Hunting Valley, so the cost will fall on the township.

“The first time [a Muzzin family member] went down the driveway, he bottomed out his car,” he said. “Ohio has a rule that you can only have a 12-percent grade and this thing was a 13 percent. They’re trying to get it to an 8-percent grade.”

Chief Carroll told trustees that the department is still waiting for the vehicle ordered from Ford to be assembled even though it was to be picked up on Aug. 10. He predicted it will be ready for them sometime in October or November.

Mr. Mueller asked if the township had advertised the open position on the Zoning Commission and was told that it’s been advertised but no one has responded.

“It seems like almost no one wants to volunteer for anything anymore,” Mr. Mueller said.

The next trustees meeting is 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 2 at 14890 Chillicothe Road.

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