The Solon City School District Board of Education approved a retire-rehire request, reassigned administrative tasks and approved English language learner mentors and home instruction teachers at their meeting Oct. 14.

The board approved having the hearing on Dec. 9 at the request of John Tegel. Assistant Superintendent Fred Bolden explained the policy. “They’re (retire-rehires) able to leave us in a shorter amount of time as opposed to staying longer when their salaries would be larger,” Mr. Bolden said.

Board member John Heckman added that Mr. Tegel will be paying for his own health care benefits as it saves money through his potential retire-rehire.

As Superintendent Joseph Regano has been on a leave of absence for health reasons, the board approved the transfer of the role of Anti-harassment Compliance Officer to Assistant Superintendent Deborah Siegel. Mr. Bolden said that the administrative task needed to be reassigned so that when complaints do arise at the district, he and Mrs. Siegel can proceed with investigatory processes.

The board also approved the assignment of three home instruction tutors for the 2019-20 school year.

“Whenever we have students that are going to be absent from school for a medical reason and they can’t attend school, we can give them home instruction tutors so that when they can return, they haven’t missed anything,” Mr. Bolden explained. He added that this was a service once provided for the state, but now the district takes on that cost.

Due to a large influx of English language learners coming into the school district, according to Mr. Bolden, the board approved supplemental contracts for the district’s English language learner teachers who provided a day of testing for students.

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