Issue 14 makes sense for Solon families and we urge everyone to vote yes. The project is well thought through, well-vetted and will meet a critical need for Solon senior citizens.

There are currently no senior living communities in Solon that offer our amenities and quality, meaning residents who want to downsize must leave the city to find a true senior living community. Issue 14 allows our seniors to stay in Solon, close to their families and in the city they love, and maintain a strong quality of life.

The project means that residents who no longer want the responsibility of maintaining a home, but who would like to stay local, have an option to stay in Solon while enjoying the Omni Senior Living Lifestyle. Our upscale amenities include restaurant-style meals, transportation, housekeeping, a movie theatre, pool, exercise area and a full range of activities available to all occupants. Studies show this type of project brings far less traffic than retail.

We are local developers with a proven track record of building high quality properties. We have senior living communities open in Strongsville and Hudson and communities opening in Stow and Westlake soon. As a local company, we will personally oversee this project and we care about the people and communities we serve. Omni Senior Living is part of Omni Property Companies, a local real estate company with over 30 years of experience in real estate and development. Omni’s high-quality development standards have helped create long term, quality assets that positively impact the community and we will do just that in Solon.

Make no mistake, this project will meet a critical need in Solon. There are nearly 2,500 residents over 70 years of age, yet only 86 assisted living units are currently located in the city, not enough to meet the demand. There are no independent living communities that provide these services in Solon.

Solon Director of Senior Services Jill Frankel said, “We get calls weekly from Solon residents looking to relocate or residents looking to bring their family closer. We don’t have this type of option for people within the city of Solon, but other communities have them.”

We have done our homework and believe that this site and this project make sense for Solon. We wouldn’t invest $30 million dollars here without making sure the project makes sense. We have done our due diligence regarding existing site conditions, water runoff, traffic impact and our design takes all these items into consideration.

We are proud that the project was unanimously approved by City Council and the Planning Commission and is endorsed by Mayor Edward Kraus and Ward 6 Councilman Bob Shimits.

There are some who claim this is not a good site or that this will create a water runoff issue. These claims are without merit. Please know that we have studied this site and will make sure we have positive impact on the area. We are good neighbors. Our residents will patronize local businesses and will add value to the area. We completed a study and worked with the city to analyze our impact; we believe Issue 14 will bring over $800,000 in tax revenue to the City of Solon yearly.

We are devoted to building premium senior living communities with first-class amenities that provide our residents with an active lifestyle. As our residents’ needs change, we have assisted living and memory care also available. Our Senior Living Communities mean a resident can live meaningful lives for years even as their needs change. We invite anyone in Solon who wants to see an Omni property to visit our website at to see our projects.

Simply put, this project makes sense and we look forward to serving Solon seniors.

On May 8, please vote YES on Issue 14.

Mr. Finley and Mr. Biales are developers for the project.

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