Weekly car cruises on Enterprise Parkway in Solon presented by the Rock ‘N’ Roll Capital Street Machines are more than just muscle cars and spectators. There is a charitable aspect to the club, as they have supported numerous causes since the group’s inception.

Solon resident Ed Suit, a car enthusiast and past president of the club and current club photographer, said members recently gave a donation of $11,000 to Camp Quality, an Akron charity that provides overnight summer camp experiences for children with cancer.

“It’s just a wonderful thing they do for these kids,” Mr. Suit said.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Capital Street Machines have supported numerous charities throughout its history, Mr. Suit continued. The club dates back to 1986, setting up car cruises in locations like Maple Heights and Bedford Heights before moving to Solon in 1992.

Since that time, they have supported such organizations as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, then identifying last year Camp Quality.

Mr. Suit explained that a relative of a club member had volunteered and noted the mission of the charity. When presented the check at a recent cruise, Mr. Suit said representatives of Camp Quality actually came out to the cruise and helped work the front gate.

“For a small car club to raise $11,000 is pretty good,” Mr. Suit said.

Money for the charity is raised by holding a donation night, where there is no cost to get into the cruise but instead, they charge $1 or whatever someone wishes to donate. Mr. Suit said that was done on “Corvette night,” which is a popular draw, and just for one night, over $1,000 was raised.

The weekly cruises often have various themes, with the Oct. 8 cruise being a “Halloween night,” Mr. Suit said, with some attendees coming in costumes and others decorating their cars.

The club has about 120 members, all of whom are classic car enthusiasts. Mr. Suit, who owns two classic Corvettes, said one does not even need to own a classic car to take part.

“It’s just people who have a love of classic cars and specialty vehicles.”

The car cruises are held each year in Solon from May through October, with them wrapping up next week.

Hundreds of spectators turn out each week, Mr. Suit said, “to see these beautiful machines.

“They are all gorgeous.”

Classic show cars range in variety and color, with a past cruise showcasing a multi-million dollar Lamborghini.

The lot for the cruise can accommodate 500 cars including Mustangs, Thunderbirds and Chevelles.

Food trucks are on hand each week. Mr. Suit noted that while most clubs put on a cruise once throughout an entire season, it is unique in that the Rock ‘N Roll Capital Street Machines put on one each week.

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