The city of Solon will once again contract with Senior Transportation Connection for the next two years, providing out-of-town transportation for Solon’s senior population.

It is a vital service for area seniors, senior center Director Jill Frankel said.

“The out-of-town transportation service is vital for the health and wellness of those who utilize the services,” Ms. Frankel said. “Greater than 90 percent of the rides are for medical appointments.”

The remaining rides allow for socialization, which also contributes to physical and mental health,” she said.

The City Council Safety and Public Properties Committee approved forwarding the legislation to City Council for the 2022 contract at $44,046 and for 2023 at $45,288. The contract allows for the renewal for a third year.

City Council added its approval of the agreement Monday.

Senior Transportation Connection began contracting with the City of Solon to provide our out-of-town transportation services in 2014 for medical, socialization and religious purposes.

The contract will expire at the end of 2021.

Seniors take about 95 trips a month, Ms. Frankel said, and pay $4 each way or $8 for a round trip.

The service is door-to-door transportation, she noted.

The senior center also uses an Americans with Disabilities Act accessible minivan to provide transportation services within the city.

Councilman Robert N. Pelunis asked Ms. Frankel if there have been any complaints associated with Senior Transportation Connection regarding their level of service.

Ms. Frankel said the complaints have been “very minimal,” and the city takes note of all complaints. Senior Transportation Connection is very responsive whenever there has been an issue, she added.

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