Work continues on Solon’s first dog park with plans to open its gates by spring.

Set to cost about $30,000, the park will be located in Timberlake Park, a large open space of land that the city owns off of Root Road that is located in Bainbridge Township near Parkside Church.

Recreation Director Donald Holub received approval last week from the Bainbridge Township Board of Zoning Appeals for a conditional use permit for the park.

“We have started the dog park but wanted to make sure it is OK to continue,” Mr. Holub said. “They (Bainbridge) granted permission, so now we can go full force.”

The city is planning to get the park almost completed by the end of this year in anticipation for an official opening in the spring, he said.

Mr. Holub noted that Solon’s dog park will be similar to the dog park at Centerville Mills in Bainbridge.

“It will look much like theirs,” he said. There will be a large and small dog area, as well as a 20-by-20 foot concrete pad that leads to it. A chain link fence will be used as well as a rural-type fence.

The large dog area will be 25,000 square feet, and the small dog area about 14,000 square feet and attached to each other, he said.

“We just love the way theirs looks,” Mr. Holub said of Bainbridge. “It keeps the rural setting.”

Solon owns the 40 acres in Bainbridge that is adjacent to the Grantwood park area and city limit line. The whole park is patrolled by both Bainbridge and Solon police, he said.

Mr. Holub noted that owners will be liable for their dog’s actions and proper care should be exhibited when taking their dog to the park.

Last year, city officials gave the green light to allocate funds for the park. The creation of a park has been a request from residents through the years, and last year city officials directed the recreation department to look into the matter. In the past, the city had similar requests, but due to liability concerns, never moved forward.

Mr. Holub said the dog park will be open from dawn to dusk, the same hours as other city parks. The dog park will feature benches and a platform on which dogs can play.

Most likely, the name will be the Timberlake Dog Park, Mr. Holub said.

“This is something the residents have been asking for for about 10 years,” Mr. Holub said. “City Council gave us their graces and away we go.”

For the last decade, Sue Reid has covered the government, business climate and residents of Solon. A Times reporter for 22 years, Ms. Reid has earned commendations from the Ohio Newspaper Association and Cleveland Press Association.

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A lot of money for a dog park. What is wrong with walking a dog in the park's natural state? I don;'t see why $30,000 is necessary to build a dog park when there are other more important needs in our world. Maybe there is too much tax money being collected.

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