SOUTH RUSSELL — The Lake Louise development is set to get a new bridge on Cascades Drive by the spring of 2021, when village Engineer Eric Haibach said he anticipates work to be completed on the project.

“We’ll be advertising for bids in September and open bids in October,” Mr. Haibach told the South Russell Street Commission and the Lake Louise Homeowners Association when the two bodies met virtually last week. “Once we open bids, we’ll have the schedule secured from the contractor.” Construction could begin by the end of November at the earliest, he said, with the project done perhaps by April.

The 60-home subdivision’s existing bridge is narrow and will make construction more difficult, Mr. Haibach added. Crews will begin by closing the outbound lane on the east side of the bridge, towards the tennis court, leaving a 9-foot-wide driving lane. Construction vehicles used in the project will also be parked near the court.

“It’s going to be a one-lane with stop sign control at either end,” he continued. “Pull up, see if someone’s coming, if not proceed across the bridge carefully. We’re going to need to coordinate with school buses, trash and big deliveries.”

The plan calls for guard rails on the bridge once it is halfway completed, as well as traffic control and safety devices leading both up to and away from the bridge. The new bridge will be about a few feet longer, adding 3 feet to the clearance for a total of 4.5 feet between the bottom of the bridge and the concrete spillway surface.

Lake Louise resident Joseph Ferenczy said the bridge plans will meet the capacity needs of the development.

“As a board, we would want to notify residents about the timeframe of the project,” he said. Once a contractor is selected, he said, the village can keep residents up to date on the project and meet virtually to share details.

South Russell Mayor William Koons said the village would ensure that residents receive notices in their mailboxes prior to any work being done, as they do for all paving projects in the village.

Mr. Ferenczy asked the village engineer if he would need to lower the water level of the lake to complete the work. Mr. Haibach said it could be helpful to lower it by a few feet, but that’s up to the contractor.

“If something changes regarding traffic control, we do our best to think it through, but sometimes a contractor has a more clever idea,” Mr. Haibach offered. “Once we have a concrete game plan to manage traffic control, that’s something we could have a neighborhood meeting about or do a handout about.”

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