SOUTH RUSSELL – Council remains uncertain as to whether changes in house septic tank cleaning requirements should be made.

During a committee meeting last week, Councilman Gerald Canton said it may make more sense to continue requiring residents to pump their septic tanks every two years.

Some homeowners who are empty nesters had asked that the village loosen restrictions since a number of households have just two people and do not need to clean the tanks as often.

Village officials said this could create an enforcement issue.

Mr. Canton said last week that new scheduling software that would allow them to stagger tank cleaning schedules but would be expensive and quickly become obsolete.

During the Monday council meeting, Mr. Canton said that Carmella Shale, director of the Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District, has voiced support for keeping the current two-year cleaning cycle.

Council plans to revisit the issue during a 6 p.m. June 8 meeting.

The committee agree during the May 7 meeting to purchase a waterproof safe from Staples for $160 for the Building Department.

“You’re not supposed to be holding money, locking it in the office,” village Fiscal Officer Danielle Romanowski advised at the April 27 Village Council meeting. Mrs. Romanowski explained that, currently, payments that enter the Building Department tend to be small but add up over time. A safe is more secure than locking the money in a filing cabinet, she said.

Committee members said that they would make a decision at another time about whether to move forward with scheduling face-to-face interviews for a new village fire marshal, zoning inspector and Street Department employee. Mrs. Romanowski said interviews would be possible, so long as fewer than 10 people are present in the room, per the Ohio Department of Health recommendations linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

The committee did not decide on how to conduct the interviews because they are considering the financial impact of hiring SAFEbuilt, a community development company in Bedford Heights.

Mrs. Romanowski said the company could take care of zoning duties making an inspector unnecessary. The committee has submitted a proposal to the company and is waiting to hear back from them.

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