Solon Police Department’s Sobriety Checkpoint provided more than just a check on drunk or impaired drivers, it resulted in two arrests. 

Just before 9 p.m. last Friday, June 17, Solon Police smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle of a woman at their sobriety checkpoint, and diverted the vehicle for further investigation.  

Officers also noticed a syringe in her vehicle and the woman admitted to drug use. After poor performance on field sobriety tests, marijuana and narcotics were also recovered from the vehicle.

The driver, Lidiya Seniv, 24, of Seven Hills, was charged with OVI and possesion of drug abuse instruments. Her vehicle was towed and further charges are possible pending test results.  

Another vehicle was diverted for further investigation, and Solon Police reported that they discovered the driver Charm Rodgers, 25, of Solon, had a warrant with Solon Police for Failure to Appear on a traffic offense (her original citation was for Window tint and Driving Under Suspension). She was arrested and processed at Solon Jail. 

And that was just two of the crimes that were spotted at Solon Police Department’s biannual Sobriety Checkpoint this year.

In all, 564 vehicles passed through the checkpoint at Aurora Road, and 27 vehicles were diverted for further investigation.  The average delay for any driver going through the checkpoint was just 27 seconds.

In addition to the OVI arrest and the warrant arrest, Solon Police also found four drivers with suspected marijuana in their vehicles, three in possession of drug paraphernalia and one who was carrying suspected heroin/fentanyl.  

The Solon Police Department’s efforts to stop crimes through the use of checkpoints, was a success. 

According to Sgt. Anthony Horvath of the Solon Police Department, “Since impaired driving accounts for a large percentage of our region’s traffic safety deaths, it is imperative that we find ways to keep impaired drivers off the roadways and, through active enforcement programs such as sobriety checkpoints, convince those who are impaired not to get behind the wheel in the first place,” Sgt. Horvath said. “We want the public to know we are out there… and know that we’re cracking down on impaired driving. Our goal is for everyone on our roadways to be safe.”

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