This year’s six-day mostly virtual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival arrives on Tuesday with 101 films from 32 countries, 19 world premieres and a bit of a learning curve the festival staff calls “How to Doc.”

There is information on how to purchase single tickets, passes and buying memberships then accessing film choices by streaming them on an electronic device or TV.

The second is a tutorial on the all-new, first time ever CDFF drive-in experience at the 90-space parking lot behind Chagrin Cinemas, 8200 Washington St., Bainbridge.

How to doc the ‘stream’

Streaming is familiar to those who regularly binge on their favorite cable series but for those unfamiliar with the technology, the festival offers tutorials and videos and a morning to late night help line. Call 440-247-1591.

Buying festival tickets requires a computer through which streaming tickets and passes are purchased.

Films may be watched on a laptop or other electronic device or on a Smart TV, through the Roku streaming device or on an Apple TV.

The CDFF founder and director Mary Ann Ponce predicted people will appreciate being able to stream all of the films this year.

“The (streaming) website is absolutely beautiful and easy to navigate and we have done lots of videos to help people get all set up and volunteers will have a support line going throughout the festival to resolve any problems and answer questions.”

Purchase on demand individual film tickets online at $10 each by going to to view the event guide and select films. An order confirmation will be sent via email on Oct. 5. Keep it handy for the next step.

To watch: Check your email on Oct. 5 for the unique link which will take you the films.Click the “watch your film” choice.

Roku streaming device and Apple TV users will open the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival app and submit your unique “Ticket Voucher Code.”

Note: All films are available ​​throughout the festival but are only good for 48 hours once each selection is activated.

Purchasing passes: A Doc. Lovers unlimited streaming pass is $100 each. Go to Watch for the confirmation email.​

​To watch: Follow the link which will be sent via email. Click it and create an account on and use it to log in to your account and access films.

Roku or Apple TV users must download the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival TV app.

Passes may be used for any movie through the run of the festival but must be watched within 48 hours of redeeming an admission which is done by clicking on the “watch online” link.

Answers to frequently asked questions and directions on all things ticket buying and streaming are available by visiting and scroll down the page.

Streaming is starts at 5 p.m., Oct. 6. The festival runs through Oct. 11.

How to doc the drive-in

Mrs. Ponce said the festival has always had a palpable spirit of togetherness and camaraderie and the drive-in idea came about “because we felt the need for something that would give us that feeling of being together and connected, especially right now.”

“It has not been at all easy to plan for operating a drive-in when we’ve obviously never done that before but we have learned a lot from other film fests all around the country who have done it and we hope people enjoy it and have fun.”

Before heading out, check the calendar for films available for viewing at the drive-in. Go to Pick a flick, note the start time and plan to arrive 20 minutes early.

Don’t forget to wash your windshields both inside and out and bring a mask.

Once at the Drive-in, volunteers wearing orange vests will direct cars to the viewing area and parked sequentially.

Ticket holders should have them ready to show by printing them out or making them available via cell phone. Remember, it is one ticket per car not per person and therefore a bargain. Tickets and passes will be scanned through the driver’s side window.

Member level pass holders are entitled to reserved parking. The festival suggests having membership IDs and lanyards readily visible through the windshield so volunteers can be of assistance.

Once parked, sound is available by tuning your car radio or portable radio to 89.5 FM.

The festival promises every car will have a good “seat” with viewing provided on three giant sized LED screens. Larger, taller vehicles such as trucks and SUVs will be situated in the back rows so they do not block the screens.

The CDFF Drive-In will offer theater concessions and food will be made available by Aurelia, Blazin’ Bills and Cowboy Food & Drink. Restrooms will be available.

Mrs. Ponce notes that a big part of the CDFF mission is to draw attention to Chagrin Falls and support merchants and restaurants throughout the valley and the “Drive-in allows us to carry out that mission by inviting local restaurants to continue to take part in that.”

For answers to questions about the drive-in you didn’t know to ask, go to and scroll down the page.

There are just a few things drive-in goers will be asked not to do. Sitting on or outside your car is not permitted. It is asked masks be worn when visiting the restrooms, concession and food service areas. Horn honking is the same as applause but save it for after the film.

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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