Chagrin Falls Historical Society & Museum is inviting residents to cozy up to local history through a display of quilts, coverlets and bedspreads with some linked to local families dating back to the 1800s.

“Quilts always tell a story,” said museum Executive Director Ruth Zeager. “It’s a different way to showcase what we have in the collection.”

The exhibit takes visitors on a journey of Chagrin Falls history through the sewn quilts and coverlets that the museum collected.

One quilt, donated by Mary Ellen Munhall, was once owned by Mary Kenny-Creighton. The story behind the quilt is that the owner’s ancestor might have fought with Daniel Boone who served as a militia officer during the Revolutionary War in the late 1700s.

“We have a lot of textiles, we have a whole room upstairs full of clothing.” Ms. Zeager said. “It’s a different way to showcase what we have in the collection.”

Most quilts and bedspreads are family heirlooms passed down generations before being donated to the society.

Some quilts were collaborations of the community, each person knitting a square of fabric and implementing it into the design, Ms. Zeager explained. Others were created as wedding gifts, and some were made to solidify the friendship between neighbors.

Ms. Zeager said friendship quilts were popular in Chagrin Falls in the 1840s, a practice represented by a quilt linked to Eliza J. McFarland and Audella Rodgers.

Another quilt on display was commissioned by the Cuyahoga Savings Bank in 1978 and maps a region of Chagrin Falls known as the Triangle. The quilt itself gives perspective on how much Chagrin Falls has progressed and expanded over the last 43 years, Ms. Zeager said.

The exhibition is available for small groups of five. Call the museum to schedule a visit at 440-247-4695. Admission is free but donations are appreciated.

The quilt exhibition will run up through April 3.

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