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Berkshire to host parade

Berkshire Local Schools will host a year-end parade for all students in the district on June 1 at the Kent State University-Geauga Campus parking lot as a staging ground from 4-6 p.m. At the parade, teachers from each building will be assembled in respective areas around the parking lot to wave, hold signs and see their students one last time before summer break. Members of the Class of 2020 will be permitted to drive their tractors as part of the annual tradition during this parade. Sixth-graders will receive their yearly “clap-off” to seventh grade during the parade as well. All participants will enter and exit from the Troy-Claridon Road ingress/egress after circling the parking lot for the parade.

Second-graders build umbrellas

Second-grade Ledgemont Elementary School students have all been working in groups to create a new invention for their classrooms.

Starting at the beginning of their distance learning, students began with reading “The Umbrella Trick from Reading A-Z.” During the first week, students read the story and had to write from a character’s perspective about the story. After reading and writing, students were then asked to build an umbrella. Students spent the next week designing their umbrellas and completed several assignments for the project. Upon completing their designs, they then spent the next two weeks building their umbrellas. Students used welding, tape, rubber bands, glue and even LEGOs to construct their umbrellas. Upon completion, the second-graders got to test their umbrellas by dumping water on them.

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