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Cavs take over gym classes

The Cleveland Cavaliers took over the Jordak Elementary School gym classes for a day as part of their Cavs Academy. The Cavaliers’ Coach Jon White took over the classes for a day last week, including teacher Courtney Dyer’s kindergarten class. Coach White led the students through a series of exercises, similar to what the basketball players do, including jumping jacks, squats, sit-ups and push-ups.

Students get electric lesson

Eighth-grade science students had an electric week in class. While using social distancing practices, students had the opportunity to experience static charge using a tesla coil, which is a radio frequency oscillator that produces voltage at low currents, and a Van de Graaf machine which is an electrostatic generator that produces electricity at low current levels.

Together, the two machines provide insight into the concepts of forces being contact and non-contact in terms of static. Additionally, using either machine, students can experience conduction (transmission of electricity through a substance) and induction (production of an electric or magnetic state) and see the law of charges work with attraction and repulsion.

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