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Successful gardening project

Every spring, teacher Barb Tropf sends her third-graders home with cabbage plants from Bonnie Plants to grow over the summer. This year one student turned her small plant into a 2.8-pound cabbage for her and her family to enjoy.

Studying animal adaptations

Jordak Elementary School third-graders are continuing their study of animal adaptations by seeing if they can adapt to different conditions like animals do. In order to help with this, teacher Barb Tropf set up several stations around the CCLC Science Lab for scholars to explore.

Students experimented with using a new set of eyes (toilet paper rolls attached to goggles) which gave them monocular vision like herbivores. They also experienced how animals use their paws to gather food using dish gloves with spoons attached to gather marbles. Other adaptation stations included webbed feet, blubber gloves and cotton balls to represent different animal traits and how they’re used.

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