Clap Out

Cardinal Middle School Teacher Beth Tucker gives a hug and kiss to her son and graduating senior Isaiah Tucker as he walks the halls of the middle school during the Senior Clap Out. 

Seniors clapped out by district

The district celebrated Cardinal High School’s graduating class in a big way on May 16 as members of the Class of 2019 walked the halls of the elementary, middle and high schools one final time for a district-wide clap out. At all three schools seniors were greeted with cheers, applause, high fives, hugs and congratulatory signs. This annual tradition for the senior class allows them to go back to their old buildings, see former teachers and encourage the younger kids to keep doing well in school.

Students win ovations awards

Cardinal High School students won five awards from Ovations this year for the spring musical production of “Bye Bye Birdie.” The program, sponsored by Geauga Council for Arts and Culture, took place at Geauga Theater in Chardon back in April. Schools from all over Geauga County participate in the event, where play directors from each of the participating schools see plays at the other schools and then choose winners in four separate categories. The high school’s set building and design crew won the technical award, the costume crew won the wildcard award and students won awards for acting, vocals and two MVP awards.

Third-graders dissect fruit

To finish off their study of the life cycle of plants, Jordak Elementary School third-graders took part in a very delicious lab. As part of the lesson, students learned that plants start with a seed, so students dissected fruits and vegetables of their choice to find out how many seeds were inside. Once the seeds were removed, students were allowed to eat the rest of their produce choice. Students said their favorites were mangoes, lemons and cucumbers. Students were also able to try new foods like avocado and papaya and declared it the best lab ever – or at least the tastiest.

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