Students read to STARS class

Before the school closures, Cardinal High School Spanish 1 students worked to create their own animal books by writing, illustrating and publishing them. Once their literary work was complete, the class visited the school’s STARS (Specialized Teaching for students with Autism and Resource Support) inclusion class at the high school to share their stories and read to them. Students interacted with each other, asked questions, practiced what they were learning in class and learned something new about language.

Student council collects pull tabs

Prior to the mandatory alternative instruction period, the Jordak Elementary School student council and Jordak PTO collected pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. The fundraiser was officially called “Pull for the House” and raised money for families who have children who are receiving medical treatment. The Ronald McDonald House will recycle the tabs and keep the profit to help those receiving medical treatment.

Eggs-periment explores biology

With the help of teacher Ben Clutter, Cardinal High School biology students used decalcified eggs to explore what gets through cell membranes and the impact of osmosis on the cell. Students recorded the mass of an egg every 10 minutes for one hour after immersion in either syrup or water and calculated the percent change in mass. Students found that syrup eggs lose mass after immersion, demonstrating a hypertonic solution, and eggs immersed in water gain mass, demonstrating a hypotonic solution.

Health classes hold yoga sessions

Cardinal High School students participated in some yoga sessions during class before the mandated shut down. Teacher Jeff Fry collaborated with math teacher Tyler Jones to put the session together. The sessions showed students that yoga is a physical exercise with focus and discipline as the foundation. Students also learned how yoga can help relieve stress.

On April 20, Moss Field lit up at 8:20 p.m. for 20 minutes and 20 seconds in honor of the Class of 2020 (the military time for 8:20 p.m. is 20:20). Cardinal was one of several districts across the state to participate in the Salute to Seniors last Monday. High school Principal Markiel Perkins controlled the lights and played music from the press box for the duration of the event. Students and families came out to the high school parking lot to take in the sights and the salute, staying at a safe distance from each other. Additional events to honor the Class of 2020, and all students, are in the works and will be announced in the coming weeks and days.

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