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Gurney joins educational contest

First-grade students at Gurney Elementary School earned awards for their work in the Center for Responsive Schools’ (CRS) Fly Five Social Emotional Learning Program.

CRS is a nonprofit educational development organization that is dedicated to developing high-quality services for students and educators. They organized the Fly Five Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Creative Lab Challenge to promote social and emotional learning while offering various prizes to the students who participate and the educator who submits the work.

Lora Hodges, CEO for CRS, said the contest “is an opportunity for kindergarten through eighth-grade students to inspire others using creative arts to share their knowledge and lived experiences related to social and emotional learning.” The past year and a half has shown how crucial social and emotional skills are, she continued.

For the contest, there were eight judges working in two teams to review projects. All entries were for the “Commotion about Emotions” challenge. Students were to use an art form to share the purpose of one emotion and share a personal experience they have with those emotions. Responsive Classroom Certified first-grade teacher Stephanie Malley submitted work from her students.

Students wrote and drew a picture about the feeling of joy and what in their lives brought about this emotion. They wrote about being at the beach, birthdays, ice cream and video games. Nine of the students earned a prize for their efforts in the contest.

The challenge winners were Aubrey Riccelli, Parker Lower and Graham Linczak, who won a $100 Visa gift card. Runners-up were Liam Dixon, Olivia Falbo and Cohen Reich, and they received an $80 Visa gift card. The second runners-up were Hadley Reed, Emma Ross and Calvin Tisdale, and they received a $60 Visa gift card.

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