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Grads select outstanding educators

Chagrin Falls High School 2020 graduates selected teachers Carolyn Petite and Kenneth Kasee for University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award. Parker Broz nominated Mrs. Petite, and Maggie Mills nominated Mr. Kasee.

This distinguished award has existed for more than 30 years. It asked students accepted into the University of Chicago Class of 2024 to nominate an educator whose guidance has helped them along the path toward intellectual growth. The university received responses from thousands of students in recognition of educators who have positively impacted their lives.

A virtual event celebrated these teachers on Oct. 21. Mrs. Petite and Mr. Kasee will receive a commemorative award, certificate and letter that includes details from the student nomination.

“I am glad to have had a teacher so committed to her students. Mrs. Petite showed us the importance of passion and character. She was a caring mentor as well as a phenomenal educator,” Parker wrote. “Mrs. Petite helped make computer science a life-shaping passion for me.”

“Mr. Kasee remained a steadfast mentor, always there to guide me and answer any questions that I may have had. It was through his teaching and coaching that I learned the importance of hard work, creativity, and confidence,” Maggie wrote. “Mr. Kasee goes above and beyond what is expected from ‘educators’ because he does not merely ‘educate’ his students. He cares about them, believes in them, and inspires them to attain their full potential.”

CFMS picks Students of the Month

Chagrin Falls Middle School seventh-graders Ella Beatty and Jack Gellin and eighth-graders Grace Mossad and Charlie Pollock are the October 2020 Students of the Month. The Student of the Month award acknowledges students for their outstanding performance and rewards them for their efforts. The students were chosen by seventh- and eighth-grade teams to be “Tigers of the Month.” These students exemplify the Tiger Techniques of “Think, Integrity, Grit, Effort and Responsibility.” These students receive personalized tiger water bottles from the PTO.

Ella Beatty has made the best out of a difficult situation and excelled in the CFMS Virtual Academy. She pays careful attention to her classmate’s work and makes insightful and kind comments, the district states. Ella has been a leader in Project Lead the Way (PLTW) by engaging in discussions and going the extra mile. Her creativity and love of reading show in class discussions as well as her enthusiasm for creative writing. She always participates in Spanish class, and has shown her skills in the language. The district also commends her on her ability to connect with her classmates and provide encouragement to her peers.

Jack Gellin’s work shows his effort and understanding, the district states. His assignments are completed on time and are well done. He is friendly and helpful to his fellow classmates and actively participates both in the classroom and online. The school said it appreciates his efforts to stay engaged in learning, whether he’s attending virtually or in a hybrid setting. He works hard, follows along in class and advocates for himself when he needs something. The district acknowledged that Jack works well with other students and is responsible for his preparation for class.

Grace Mossad understands material quickly and creates exemplary projects. She is personable, attentive and makes each group she is part of better, according to the middle school. Grace was consistent in PLTW, and her positive attitude and caring nature made the class a fun place to be. She did her best and was consistent for the entire quarter. The school described her as a positive force who inspires others to explore and be curious. Grace is a leader in the classroom and pays attention to the details. She shows strong leadership in the choir program where she understands her part quickly and jumps in to help other students with theirs. Grace displays quality work as a result of a great work ethic, the school states, adding that she is hard-working, positive and helpful to peers and adults alike.

The morning announcements would not be as great as they are without Charlie Pollock, the school said, describing him as responsible, hard-working and dependable. He brings creative ideas to class and confidently shares them with peers in a high-pressure setting. Charlie gives his best effort every day in algebra and contributes to class discussions. He is polite, respectful and kind with teachers acknowledging him as an overall pleasure to have in class. He arrives ready-to-learn and exudes a positive attitude to those around him. Charlie is vice president in the Student Council and interacts well with staff and peers. He is conscientious in his school work and activities outside the classroom and is an overall exemplary leader.

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