Staff members of Gurney Elementary School donate their time to the Cleveland Foodbank to help pack nonperishable foods on Dec. 30.

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Gurney volunteers at food bank

On Dec. 30, several members of the Gurney Elementary School staff donated their time to help pack approximately 15,000 pounds of nonperishable food items at the Cleveland Foodbank.

“Every year, School Counselor Dale Tschappat organizes at least one service activity for staff to do if they are interested and available,” said Principal Rachel Jones. “This one was a lot of work but also a lot of fun! In the past we’ve also done Adopt-a-Beach clean-up days through the Alliance for the Great Lakes. Volunteering and doing service activities as a staff not only helps our community, it enhances our camaraderie and morale.”

Students compete in mathematics

In November, 127 students from Chagrin Falls Intermediate School and Chagrin Falls Middle School participated in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 8 online contest, receiving numerous awards.

Participants included two fifth-graders, 45 sixth-graders, 40 seventh-graders and 40 eighth-graders who accepted the AMC 8 challenge.

The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills. The examination provides students from across the country with an opportunity to apply the concepts taught at the middle school level to problems that cover a wide range of applications. Problems are designed to challenge students and offer problem solving experiences beyond the classroom.

The district’s offering of the AMC 8 is intended to promote excitement, enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards mathematics and to stimulate interest in continuing the study of mathematics beyond the minimum required for high school graduation for some of the most advanced math students. Students who participate in the AMC 8 may be at a critical developmental point in which attitudes toward school and learning, and perceptions of themselves as learners of mathematics, are solidified. Contests like AMC 8 provide the opportunity to foster the development of positive attitudes towards mathematics and positive perceptions of themselves as learners of mathematics.

Award-winners are as follows:

Eighth-grader Nathan Nguyen had the highest AMC 8 district score, designating him as a gold winner, a first place winner and a team member, placing within the top three scores from Chagrin schools.

Fifth-grader Jack Shein had the second highest AMC 8 District score, designating him as a silver winner and as a team member, placing within the top three scores from Chagrin schools.

Eighth-graders Margaret Goss and Fraya Brattebo and sixth-graders Eric Goyzman and Peter Mitchell tied with the third highest AMC 8 district score, designating all four of these students as bronze winners and as team members, placing within the top three scores from Chagrin schools.

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