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Seniors earn biliteracy distinctions

Twenty-two seniors at Chagrin Falls High School earned Seals of Biliteracy Distinction.

World language teachers at Chagrin Falls Schools developed and implemented a K-12 world language program that acknowledges and reinforces language proficiency and cultural awareness by encouraging students’ proficiency in multiple world languages. The state of Ohio recently passed a law allowing a Seal of Biliteracy to be affixed to high school diplomas. This designation means that the student is proficient in two languages (one being English) after taking a nationally normed assessment. Students must score at a proficiency level of at least “intermediate high” in all four modes of the tested language, which indicates that they would be able to effectively use their language skills in a business or professional setting.

AP world language teachers Laurie Walsh (Spanish), Lisa Fetterman (Spanish), Anita Boumitri (French) and Yan Guo (Chinese), announce that the following seniors have earned this distinction and will wear an honorary red cord at graduation.

Emma Atkins, Elizabeth Bare, William Bazzone, Carolyn Bencko, Macy Breeden, Alexis Christie, Hannah Clark, Virginia Kanzinger, Isabella Klug, Eliza Larkin, Jonathan Mares, Creagan Mee, Luca Opperman, Isabel Pulte, Tyler Stinson, Hanne Wilson and Emily Wirbel earned distinctions for Spanish; Ana Kevorkian, Robert Snider and Wendi Song earned distinctions for French; Manuela Pinieros Monge earned distinctions for both Spanish and French; and Maggie Mills earned distinction for Chinese.

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