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Fellow school shares resources

When Principal Timothy Velotta of Chardon Middle School began planning the school’s 2019-20 One School One Book program, he reached out for assistance from a familiar school in hopes of saving costs.

For OSOB, a nationwide program that is intended to boost literacy and promote a sense of community, a school will typically need to secure its own funding to provide each student and staff member with their own personal copies of the book plus related materials for group use.

Mr. Velotta reached out to Brechsville-Broadview Heights Middle School, where he was the former assistant principal, and borrowed more than 900 books and Team Day materials. Mr. Velotta said the school provided CMS with enough books and materials to include three grade levels.

With the success of this county-to-county sharing, Mr. Velotta said he is now reaching out to other middle school principals to see if they could all work together to create a rotation of OSOB supplies and regularly share amongst each other to save costs on the initiative for all. Without BBHMS’ support, CMS would have had to spend $4,000 on books and $600 on materials for Team Day.

Elementary students earn party

Park Elementary School used the Praxis Institute’s PAX Good Behavior Game as part of the school’s PBIS practice. PAX is a universal preventive intervention designed to encourage self-regulation, self-management and self-control in students.

“I use table points and class stars within my classroom to tie into our reward system,” said Jennifer Kreuz, a second grade teacher at Park Elementary. “My students can earn five points as a table to get a star and can also earn a class star as a whole class for a group effort like traveling quietly in the hallway.”

Mrs. Kreuz’s class earned 20 stars, which meant they voted to choose the type of party they wanted to celebrate. The class chose to bring their favorite stuffed animals in for the day, and Mrs. Kreuz provided popcorn and juice.

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