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Students present personalized stories

On Oct. 7, Chardon High School teacher Joanne DeShetler’s annual student story project reached its completion. The month-long project has become a tradition each year for Ms. DeShetler’s English I Honors students together with all kindergarten students at Park Elementary School.

In September, the high school students were paired with the kindergartners to gather basic biographical information on the young students. After that first meet-up, each CHS student began writing, illustrating and binding children’s fiction storybooks that incorporated the kindergarteners as the main characters. 

At the unveiling on Oct. 7 in Park Auditorium, the CHS students presented the finished stories to their respective kindergarten pals and read to them.

“It was a graded assignment but also gave us a chance to use our creativity and have fun with it,” said Brooke Misch, an eighth-grade student in Ms. DeShetler’s class. “My kindergarten partner, Bryanna, likes fall and having sleepovers with her best friend. She had smiled and mentioned she does not get along with her older brother, so I made her brother the antagonist when I wrote the story ‘The Fun Fall Sleepover.’”

“It was great because I got a story about my favorite animal,” said Park Elementary kindergartner Edward Yeomans.

Language Arts Live panel

Chardon High School teachers Lynn Monaco and Heather Biernacki welcomed Allison Zeiger, Kevin Farina, Mary Beth Rus, Madelon Horvath and Regina Rosace into their senior English language arts courses on Oct. 4 for this year’s “Language Arts Live!” speaker panel. 

Originally conceived by CHS language arts teacher Dawn Weaver, this speaker and resource program provides students with examples of how the knowledge they acquire in the classroom translates to the professional world and life beyond high school. Through the program, parents and other community professionals visit the classrooms and participate in a panel discussion regarding the use of language and communication skills in various settings.

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