Janie Boyle

Orange freshman diver Janie Boyle broke the Chagrin Valley Conference meet record with an 11-dive score of 495.00 during Saturday’s competition at Hawken School.

            After opening the door to a pair of non-Hawken champions last season, the Lady Hawks showed no such mercy during the Chagrin Valley Conference championship swim meet on Saturday at their home Holtrey Pool.

            The hosts conquered all eight individual and all three relay titles en route to another team title with 439 points, besting runner-up Chagrin Falls, 215 points, third-place Orange, 181 points, and the rest of the 10-team field. West Geauga took sixth with 85 points.

            Showcasing their top talent, the Lady Hawks’ lone double-event champion was senior Claire Doerr, who won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:56.59 and the 100 butterfly, an off event for her, in 1:00.37, besting runner-up freshman teammate Maggie LeMay’s 1:02.71 performance.

            “It was nice to swim off events,” the defending state champion in the 500 freestyle said. “The CVC meet for us is definitely more of a fun meet where we can focus on racing and perfecting the little details of our race. So a lot of our swimmers compete in off events, and it was really nice to get the chance to do something totally different.”

            As of Jan. 20, Doerr has the top time in the state in the 200 freestyle, 1:51.16, and the second-fastest time in Division II in the 500 freestyle, 4:59.83, trailing only Hathaway Brown senior Julia Armitage, 4:57.92.

            Despite Doerr taking the day off from the 500 freestyle, the Lady Hawks still went one-two in that event with defending state runner-up senior Summer Svitavsky clocking 5:10.96 and sophomore Bella Ratino finishing in 5:16.77.

            Ratino, a transfer from Mentor, finished her freshman season with a 5:20.43 in that event during the 2015 Division I Northeast District meet.

            “She’s doing really awesome,” Doerr said. “She’s been training distance with Summer and I, and she’s doing such a great job. I personally think she has the potential to get on the podium and place top eight at states. With all the work we’ve been doing, once she’s tapered and shaved and suited up and ready to go, I think she’ll be way under 5:10, and probably under 5:05.”

            Ratino wasn’t the only Hawken rising star posting a top performance on Saturday.

            Sophomore Portia Del Rio Brown won the 200 individual medley in 2:13.60 and was runner-up in the 100 breaststroke in 1:11.59, while junior Claire Cerne won the 100 backstroke in 1:03.29 and was third in individual medley in 2:20.80.

            “Our younger girls are all doing really, really well this season,” Doerr said. “They’ve all been working really, really hard. It was definitely cool to see Claire win the 100 back, because it came right down to the wire. I think all the work we’ve been doing at practice, especially on our turns and our finish, is really what got her that win.”

            Meanwhile, Hawken senior juggernauts Lauren Heller and Heather Svitavsky and junior Crile Hart did not disappoint in their individual events. 

            Heller won the 50 freestyle in 24.40 seconds, Hart won the 100 breaststroke in 1:07.10, and Svitavsky won 100 freestyle in 53.73 seconds, while sophomore Spencer Crawford finished runner-up in the 100 freestyle in 55.72 seconds.

Chagrin’s Henkaline

cracks top three


            Overall, only five non-Hawken swimmers cracked the top three in individual events, including Chagrin Falls freshman Addison Henkaline with her runner-up finish in the 200 individual medley in 2:18.55.

            “I was really happy with my placement at the meet, especially going against such good swimmers,” said Henkaline, who also took fourth in the 100 breaststroke in 1:14.93 and anchored the Lady Tigers’ 200 and 400 freestyle relays, which both took third.

            Henkaline entered the Chagrin Falls varsity program by way of the Solon Stars.

            “I’m hoping to drop a little more time going into sectionals with my taper,” she said of her season-best time of 2:14.30 in the individual medley, which ranks eighth among Division II swimmers in the Northeast District. “I think it’s just the practices with the people I swim with who have really pushed me this year to go my times, and definitely the coach (Beth Sonnhalter).”

            Also entering Chagrin by way of the Stars, freshman Shannon Staley is ranked ninth in the district in the individual medley at 2:17.29.

            “We have good days and bad days,” Henkaline said of her training partner. “We just push each other on either.”

Orange’s Boyle claims

CVC dive crown


            The only non-Hawken female athlete to come away with a CVC title, meanwhile, was Orange freshman Janie Boyle, who broke the 1-meter springboard meet record with an 11-dive score of 495.00 points.

            “It means a lot, because the competition there was really good,” she said. “And it just makes me feel so good about myself, because, going in as a freshman, you’re kind of just counted out. Now I’m just like, ‘Hey, I’m here.’ And it’s cool to be a part of this competition world, because USA diving and high school diving are totally different places. Now I’ve made a name for myself. I’m out there. And I’m alongside Kami now, because she did the same thing last year, and I looked up to that.”

            Boyle bested West Geauga sophomore runner-up Kami Goodrick, 467.25 points, who held the CVC record from last year’s meet with a 402.90. Both competitors train with coach Marc Cahalane and American Flyers Diving out of Solon.

            “It’s great to have her there, because I practice with her and competing with her just makes me dive better,” Boyle said of Goodrick. “We’re both on the same team, we both want to impress the same coach, and we’re at the same level of competition. And she’s just such a great friend and great person to have there.”

            Competing at Hawken for the first time, Boyle said she was a little uneasy about one of the boards that was titled up and made a bunch of noise, but the other board welcomed her to her best score of the season.

            “When we first got there, and I was like, ‘Oh, boy. It’s going to be rough,’” Boyle said about the one board. “Also when you get there, the first thing you look for are things you can spot, because, when you’re flipping, you can’t always feel when to kick out. So they’ve got those awesome red and white flags everywhere. So now you’re like, ‘Great, now I can see something.’”

            Boyle’s front 2 1/2-somersault tuck and front 1 1/2 somersault with a full twist were her go-to dives, but she was coming off a bit of a rough showing in another dive, she said.

            “I love those dives. I just always hammer them going in,” she said. “But all this week I was working on a reverse 1 1/2 pike, which I did last week at Northeast (Classic), but it didn’t go so well. But I ended up hitting it, and that was really exciting.”

            Boyle’s score of 495.00 is ranked second in the state, trailing only AFD teammate Sidney O’Donnell, a Jefferson freshman with a 530.75.

            “It’s just really cool to dive in high school, because I have my whole school backing me up now,” Boyle said. “Everyone knows about it, and they’re like, ‘Congrats, you did really well.’ And my friends come and watch because they’re close by. It’s exciting and so much fun.”

            Following are top-three relay finishes and top-six individual finishes for the girls portion of Saturday’s Chagrin Valley Conference meet at Hawken:

            Team standings: 1. Hawken School, 439; 2. Chagrin Falls, 215; 3. Orange, 181; 4. Independence, 124; 5. Cuyahoga Heights, 113; 6. West Geauga, 85; 7. Beachwood, 75; 8. Perry, 72; 9. Geneva, 48; 10. Kirtland, 22.

            200 medley relay: 1. Hawken (Crile Hart, 27.19; Heather Svitavsky, 32.59; Claire Doerr, 27.01; Summer Svitavsky, 26.55) 1:53.34; 2. Orange (Jordan Ritchie, 30.88; Madison Gotlieb, 35.30; Mckenna Freund, 28.76; Jordan Elizabeth, 26.60) 2:01.54; 3. Chagrin (Jane Goble, 32.15; Catherine Coffey, 34.71; Pearson Gottschalk, 28.47; Jill Cantlay, 27.41) 2:02.74.

            200 freestyle: 1. Claire Doerr, Sr., Hawken, 1:56.59; 2. Mara Voytek, Fr., Cuyahoga Heights, 1:59.39; 3. Bella Ratino, So., Hawken, 2:03.86; 4. Becca Am, So., Hawken, 2:10.33; 5. Edie Doman, Jr., Chagrin, 2:12.45; 6. Virginia Schenkel, Jr., Orange, 2:17.73.

            200 individual medley: 1. Portia Del Rio Brown, So., Hawken, 2:13.60; 2. Addison Henkaline, Fr., Chagrin, 2:18.55; 3. Claire Cerne, Jr., Hawken, 2:20.80; 4. Isabelle Roselli, So., Hawken, 2:25.30; 5. Stefani Attewell, Fr., Cuyahoga Heights, 2:25.53; 6. Shannon Staley, Fr., Chagrin, 2:28.10.

            50 freestyle: 1. Lauren Heller, Sr., Hawken, 24.40; 2. Ashley Rega, Sr., Independence, 25.73; 3. Audrey Dietz, Fr., Hawken, 26.47; 4. Macie Berkley, Fr., Beachwood, 26.74; 5. Grace Platek, Sr., West Geauga, 26.86; 6. Jordan Ritchie, So., Orange, 27.12.

            1-meter diving: 1. Janie Boyle, Fr., Orange, 495.00; 2. Kami Goodrick, So., West Geauga, 467.25; 3. Eneh Turoczi, So., Chagrin, 312.75; 4. Tessa Kostelec, So., Chagrin, 309.85; 5. Alex Turi, Fr., Hawken, 278.65; 6.Hannah Krall, Sr., Hawken, 278.40.

            100 butterfly: 1. Claire Doerr, Sr., Hawken, 1:00.37; 2. Maggie LeMay, Fr., Hawken, 1:02.71; 3. Isabelle Roselli, So., Hawken, 1:04.03; 4. Mckenna Freund, Sr., Orange, 1:05.26; 5. Abby Forsythe, Sr., Hawken, 1:05.79; 6. Pearson Gottschalk, Jr., Chagrin, 1:06.38.

            100 freestyle: 1. Heather Svitavsky, Sr., Hawken, 53.73; 2. Spencer Crawford, So., Hawken, 55.72; 3. Ashley Rega, Sr., Independence, 56.75; 4. Elizabeth Jordan, Sr., Orange, 58.97; 5. Grace Platek, Sr., West Geauga, 59.04; 6. Catherine Coffey, Fr., Chagrin, 1:01.56.

            500 freestyle: 1. Summer Svitavsky, Sr., Hawken, 5:10.96; 2. Bella Ratino, So., Hawken, 5:16.77; 3. Mara Voytek, Fr., Cuyahoga Heights, 5:22.11; 4. Maggie LeMay, Fr., Hawken, 5:38.46; 5. Abby Forsythe, Sr., Hawken, 5:38.46; 6. Maddy Pierce, So., Perry, 5:42.05.

            200 freestyle relay: 1. Hawken (Audrey Dietz, 26.38; Heather Svitavsky, 24.92; Spencer Crawford, 26.39; Lauren Heller, 24.54) 1:42.23; 2. Cuyahoga Heights (Stafani Attewell, 27.23; Allison McDonald, 28.23; Veronica Bacci, 28.45; Mara Voytek, 25.12) 1:49.03; 3. Chagrin (Pearson Gottschalk, 27.56; Jill Cantlay, 27.65; Shannon Staley, 28.79; Addison Henkaline, 25.92) 1:49.92.

            100 backstroke: 1. Claire Cerne, Jr., Hawken, 1:03.29; 2. Maddy Pierce, So., Perry, 1:03.65; 3. Alexa Eyler, Jr., Hawken, 1:05.81; 4. Becca Arn, So., Hawken, 1:06.83; 5. Jordan Ritchie, So., Orange, 1:08.02; 6. Jane Goble, Jr., Chagrin, 1:08.16.

            100 breaststroke: 1. Crile Hart, Jr., Hawken, 1:07.10; 2. Portia Del Rio Brown, So., Hawken, 1:11.59; 3. Ellie Clymer, Sr., Independence, 1:14.02; 4. Addison Henkaline, Fr., Chagrin, 1:14.93; 5. Stefani Attewell, Fr., Cuyahoga Heights, 1:17.12; 6. Madison Gotlieb, Jr., Orange, 1:18.73.

            400 freestyle: 1. Hawken (Spencer Crawford, 56.42; Lauren Heller, 53.59; Summer Svitavsky, 58.31; Claire Doerr, 55.71) 3:44.03; 2. Orange (Jordan Ritchie, 59.10; Virginia Schenkel, 1:02.20; Madison Gotlieb, 1:02.24; Elizabeth Jordan, 57.74) 4:01.27; 3. Chagrin (Edie Doman, 1:02.82; Pearson Gottschalk, 1:01.54; Shannon Staley, 1:01.17; Addison Henkaline, 57.44) 4:02.97.



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