League newcomer Edgewood stole the girls team trophy by one point while Hawken School junior Ella Gilson three-peated her individual title during the Chagrin Valley Conference cross-country meet on Saturday at the Geauga County Fairgrounds.

The Lady Warriors scored 60 points to dethrone 2018 Chagrin Division champion Geneva, 61 points, while the Hawken girls took third with 73 points and Perry was fourth with 75 points in the eight-team field.

Defending Division II state champion Gilson ran away with her third MVP performance in 18:25.6 on the 5-kilometer course, besting Geneva senior Elizabeth Joy’s runner-up finish in 20:09.0 in the 55-runner field.

Also scoring for the Lady Hawks, junior Juliana Metz finished third in 20:31.7, senior Julia Newman took ninth in 21:09.1, senior Adele Metres was 27th in 22:44.5 and junior Lena Sylvan finished 33rd in 23:38.9, while senior Jocelyn Chine, 23:43.8, and sophomore Amanda Lee, 23:46.2, rounded out Hawken’s varsity squad.

The West Geauga girls took fifth with 131 points, led by sophomore Julia Martinez’s 10th-place finish in 21:12.9.

Also scoring for the Lady Wolverines, sophomore Skye Hackathorn finished 12th in 21:18.1, junior Emily Vash took 24th in 22:25.1, sophomore Julia Mansfield was 41st in 24:37.9 and freshman Emily Berdis finished 44th in 24:42.1, while junior Maddie Barker was 45th in 24:43.4.

The Chagrin Falls girls finished sixth in the team standings with 143 points, led by senior Claire Lordan’s 22nd-place finish in 22:19.9.

Also scoring for the Lady Tigers, junior Madeleine Scott finished 25th in 22:25.8, senior Sophee Newbauer took 29th in 23:01.1, junior Tallulah Haskett was 31st in 23:21 and sophomore Aubree Daugherty finished 36th in 23:50.9, while seniors Jenna Mrofchak, 24:21.9, and Isabella Klug, 24:27.8, rounded out the varsity squad.

In the boys Chagrin Division race, Geneva scored 39 points from its front five runners to defend its title, while West Geauga was runner-up with 51 points and Edgewood took third with 91 points in a 10-team field.

Geneva senior Jacob Mirabell clocked a 17:13.9 to win the individual title, while West Geauga junior Patrick Garrett finished runner-up in 17:22 and Harvey junior JT Basco took third in 17:30 among 68 runners in the varsity field.

Also scoring for the Wolverine harriers, junior John Patterson took fourth in 17:32.8, junior Kenneth Kirk finished 10th in 17:53.2, freshman Chris Whiting was 16th in 18:23.8 and freshman John Mikes took 19th in 18:29.8, while senior Anthony Tirabassi, 18:32.2, and sophomore Dakota Deets, 18:45.3, rounded out the varsity squad.

The Chagrin Falls boys finished fifth with 146 points, led by senior Alexander Partian’s 21st-place finish in 18:33.5.

Also scoring for the Tigers, sophomore Christopher Baker finished 23rd in 18:39.4, sophomore Charles Asplin took 30th in 19:13.1, senior Joseph Mrofchak was 35th in 19:20.8 and sophomore Carter Kilby finished 37th in 19:32.8, while sophomore Benjamin Gordos, 19:51.1, and senior Stephen Rust, 20:20.1, rounded out the varsity squad.

The Orange boys finished ninth with 215 points, led by junior Erik Nilsson’s 31st-place finish in 19:14.6.

Also scoring for the Lions, freshman Brian Gent took 34th in 19:19, junior Sam Roll finished 46th in 20:03.2, senior Christian Davis was 51st in 20:26.1 and junior Ron Chajmovic finished 53rd in 20:28.8, while seniors Ben Littlejohn, 21:04.6, and Joey Fletcher, 21:27.9, rounded out the varsity squad.

And the Hawken boys took 10th with 230 points, led by sophomore David Hamilton’s ninth-place finish in 17:45.1.

Also scoring for the Hawks, sophomore Jacob Hlifka finished 52nd in 20:27.2, sophomore George Outcalt took 54th in 20:31.1, senior Tim Dang was 55th in 20:33.1 and senior Prateek Dulam finished 60th in 21:12.8, while sophomore Daniel Van Heeckeren, 21:28, and junior Wilson Ha, 21:58, rounded out the varsity squad.

Up next, Chagrin Falls, Orange and West Geauga will compete in the 18-team Division II district meet on Saturday at Madison High School, where the girls will race at 11 a.m. and the boys will race at 12:45 p.m.

Hawken will compete in the 20-team Division II district meet on Saturday at the Trumbull Country Fairgrounds in Cortland, where the girls will race at 11:45 a.m. and the boys will race at 2:15 p.m.

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