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Family Ties Night upcoming

Kenston Local Schools works to nurture and build relationships between family and school, and some researched benefits of regularly spending time together as a family include increased academic success, reduced substance abuse and strengthening the family bond, the district states.

On Nov. 3 and March 3, the entire school district will take part in “Family Ties Nights,” which are evenings with no homework, no athletic practices or games after 4:30 p.m. and no meetings or activities in the district. In the upcoming month, the district will share family-friendly recipes from their Nutrition Service Department. Local restaurants that would like to partner with the district by offering a special discount for these Family Ties days can call 440-543-9677, ext. 1400.

Financial forecast available

State law requires all public schools to file a five-year financial forecast with the Ohio Department of Education twice a year in November and May. The forecast requires districts to evaluate their general fund for potential long-term outcomes when making current decisions about new initiatives and fund existing programs and services over multiple years. The multi-year budgeting process lends itself to meeting both short- and long-term goals while maintaining financial solvency.

The forecast represents a series of assumptions or estimates of future economic, legislative and market conditions. It is a “snapshot” of variables known or assumed at a particular point in time. Due to the uncertainties and changing nature of school finance and economic factors, this forecast is fluid and subject to change. Contact district Treasurer Paul Pestello with any questions. The forecast is posted on the district webpage.

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