Newbury Board of Education accepted the resignation Monday of the school’s elementary principal, but did not have to look far for a replacement.

School Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline Hoynes announced the resignation of Cynthia Tomassetti with regret, noting that she provided “dedicated service” for the five years she served in the district. In addition to serving as elementary principal, Ms. Tomassetti also served as special education director.

Ms. Tomassetti’s resignation becomes effective July 31.

Dr. Hoynes said Ms. Tomassetti has accepted a position as director of special education for the Ashtabula City School District.

Board President Maggie Zock said the board decided rather than hiring and bringing in a new person for what may be the final year for the district, the board agreed that Dr. Hoynes could cover the position for a year. The board approved the move unanimously.

Dr. Hoynes will be paid an additional $35,000 to fill that role. She was hired as superintendent in August 2018 at a salary of $110,000.

Before the vote, board member Martin Sanders said he normally would vote against this type of arrangement. He said he feared that Dr. Hoynes could be stretching herself thin attempting to handle both roles. But he met with Dr. Hoynes and was won over by her love for children, he said. “She likes kids, she really does,” Mr. Sanders said.

Mr. Sanders said the situation is “not ideal.

“We will have to see what the future will bring,” he said.

Dr. Hoynes said she was given advice on what she will need to serve in the principal’s role. “Get a new pair of tennis shoes,” she said.

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