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National Merit Semifinalists

Solon High School commended the achievement of 34 members of the class of 2022 who have been named as semi-finalists in this year’s National Merit Scholarship Competition.

“Everyone at Solon High School is very proud to see so many members of our senior class recognized as 2022 National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists,” said Solon High School Principal Erin Short. “With this news, our senior class has already begun making its mark with a strong academic legacy. The high numbers of Solon students recognized through the National Merit Scholar program every year reflects the hard work and commitment of students and staff and depth of achievement at Solon High School and throughout the Solon Schools.”

The 34 Solon seniors named as National Merit Scholar semi-finalists for 2022 are Srihan Anand, Mira Atwah, Timothy Barron, Meghna Bettaiah, Vaibhav Bhargava, Shree Ghosh, Gabriele Glusauskas, Ryan Goldfeder, Adina Guo, Lucas He, Rohan Jaiswal, Simone Johnson, Aaron Kaiser, Eugenia Karulina, Dara Klugherz, Andrew Li, Ryan Li, Grant Maiorana, Lindsey Maurer, Yubin Moon, Pranav Nampoothiripad, Jared Ogle, Ava Parikh, Michelle Park, Avani Pham, Oshin Samuel, Lily Scherer, Andrew Shao, Easton Singer, John Williams, Iris Yu, Alanna Zhang, Scott Zhao and Dennis Zhitenev.

These students earned scores on the PSAT taken during their junior year that were among the highest in the state and qualified them as National Merit Scholar semi-finalists. The number of semi-finalists varies from state to state, as the number selected is proportional to the percentage of the total number of graduating seniors in each state.

The 34 semi-finalists will continue in the competition to become National Merit Scholar finalists by fulfilling several additional requirements in the coming months. First, they must attain an SAT score that confirms their achievement on the PSAT qualifying test. They must also demonstrate a record of outstanding academic performance throughout high school and be endorsed and recommended by their high school principal. In addition, the students and school officials must complete a detailed scholarship application that includes a student essay and information about their participation and leadership in school and community-based activities.

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