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Lindsey celebrates ACE winners

West Geauga celebrated its Lindsey Elementary School ACE Award winners in grades three through five for the first quarter. One student from each class earns this award, given by their teacher, for demonstrating a positive attitude, citizenship and effort in the classroom. The district conducted separate awards assemblies for online students and in-person students and streamed the event on the West Geauga YouTube channel. The video will remain on the channel so that families can view it at their convenience.

First quarter ACE Award winners include: Uriel Novak, Michael Young, Claire Pierce, Kayden Hart, Samuel Lanzeretta, Sonja Mueller, Sadie Henderson, Jackson Barker, Gabby Frabbotta, Max Guttenberg, Savannah Sinkovec, Henry Zock, Jadyn Morton, Noah Lear, Emma Ryan, Christohpher Howard, Emily Collella, Francesca Lombardo, Daniel Zaller, Colette Bond, Tyler Weirzbicki, Claire Taurasi, Charlie Allin, Maddie Bolt, Nico Piccirillo, Charlotte Oster, Aubrey Rippin, Clara Horrigan, Drake Bryan, Gabby Atwara, Alex Mikolay, Olivia Penzenik, Joe Garisek, Jason Healey, Bianca Katusic, Dean Horvath, Hayley Lessord, Kelsie Fink, Tessa Leonard, Skilyr Sullivan, Carter Borcziak, Janna Winningham, Molly Moidell, Sasha Klymenko, Kayden Udell, Michael Yeager, Nita Angeles and Evelyn Hosemann.

West G honors state qualifiers

West Geauga High School students Cole Mastrangelo and Ethan Bartlett, received honors last week for their prior eighth-grade wrestling seasons. The two students had their names added to the list of OJHSC State Qualifiers displayed in the main gymnasium at the West Geauga Middle School for their success in wrestling.

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