West Geauga High School seniors Nicola Ehrbar and Patrick Garrett won the votes for 2020 homecoming queen and king and were crowned in a virtual ceremony streamed during the school’s Oct. 9 football game.

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Students learn about Native Americans

Fourth-graders have been learning about early Ohio and the prehistoric Native Americans, including the Paleo-Indians, Archaic Indians, Adena, Hopewell, Late Woodland people and the Fort Ancient people. Students learned about the homes, tools and mounds – like the Great Serpent Mound, Alligator Mound and Miamisburg Mound in Ohio – that these groups made. As part of their learning, they were able to construct replicas of the different homes and create a scene showing what life was like for the prehistoric Native Americans.

West G names homecoming court

West Geauga High School conducted the annual Homecoming Court ceremony and crowned their 2020 king and queen. This year, the high school recorded the ceremony and played it during the livestream of the football game on Oct. 9. During the ceremony senior Nicola Ehrbar won the title of homecoming queen and senior Patrick Garrett won the title of homecoming king. 

The full homecoming court includes: Anthony Formichelli, Nicola Ehrbar, Sofya Goncharenko, Patrick Garrett, Athena Hocevar, Caleb Kautz, Aubrey Zanella, Luke Musser, Bailey Zanella and Harrison Wolfhope.

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