Notre Dame sister honored

Notre Dame Elementary recently congratulated Sister Mary Donnalee, who is celebrating the milestone of 60 years as one of the Sisters of Notre Dame. With the official anniversary in 2020, Notre Dame Elementary School offered its sincere recognition of Sister Donnalee for the love she has shown.

Inspired to become a sister after her own elementary school experience at Holy Trinity in Avon, Sister Mary Donnalee was moved to follow in the same steps of the very Sisters who instructed her, and whose values and presence stayed with her throughout her entire life. She graduated from Notre Dame Academy in Cleveland, earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Saint John’s College and then a master’s degree in administration and supervision from John Carroll University.

Over her many years of service, while championing the Love of God and her passion for educating our youth, she has taught elementary school, served as an assistant community supervisor, was a principal for 10 years, and then returned to the classroom as a primary teacher. Her educational experiences have taken her to Massillon, Warren, Cleveland, South Euclid and to her current home at Notre Dame Elementary School. Sister Donnalee formally retired in 2013 from the classroom, but she has remained faithful to her calling by serving as an aide.

In other school news, the eighth-grade class had the opportunity to participate in a presentation and discussion with a team of NDCL students. Eighth-grade students had a chance to share what they were excited about, what concerned them about the transition to high school and any questions that they wanted to ask. NDCL students gave insights into what to expect next year.

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