Create Sharpie art

Teens in grades six to 12 are welcome to the Chagrin Falls Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library, 100 E. Orange St., to create watercolor-like art tiles while learning about color-mixing and the science behind permanent markers, Aug. 10 at 3 p.m. Registration is requested for this free event at 440-247-3556.

4-H club members earn top awards

On Tuesday, July 16, the stage at Notre Dame Education Center transformed into the vibrant streets of New Orleans where the Geauga County 4-H project, judging for multiple categories of clothing projects, took place.

In that same venue later in the evening, the Geauga County 4-H Style Revue show took place to share the students’ hard work and efforts with family and friends. Participants ranged in age from kindergarten to high school with a variety of clothing projects.

The Giggle ‘n Stitches 4-H club would like to acknowledge all of its participants and their hard work. There were many exceptional winners.

From the “You Can Quilt” group, Emily Tessean was selected for Outstanding Project of the Day and State Fair winner. In “Quilting the Best Better,” Corrin Hamby and Samantha Sunderhaft were both selected as Outstanding Projects of the day with Corrin being honored as State Fair winner and Samantha as the Alternate State Fair winner. In the category of “Terrific Tops,” Sarah Turpin was selected as Outstanding Project of the Day winner as well as State Fair winner. For the “Sew Fun”group the winners were Grace England for Outstanding of the Day and the State Fair Winner.

The following students also received Outstanding of the Day awards in the “Sew Fun” category: Lila Fink, Calla Haar, Caroline Hamby and Madelyn Tessean. In the “Clothing for Middle School” category Rebecca Zallar was recognized as Outstanding of the Day. In the category of “Creative Costumes” Autumn Hamby was recognized as Outstanding of the Day. In the category of “Sundresses and Jumpers” the State Fair winner was Helena Haar and the Alternate State Fair winner was Grace Reed. In the “Sundresses and Jumpers” category the Outstanding of the Day recipients were Jane Eibler, Helena Haar, Grace Reed, and Hannah Rose Thompson. In the category of “Shopping Savvy” the Outstanding of the Day and the State Fair winner was Elizabeth Cooper. In the “Loungewear” category Maggie Eibler was selected as Outstanding of the Day and the State Fair Winner. In the “Sew for Others Junior” category Jacob Thompson was honored as Outstanding of the Day.

Giggle ‘n Stitches members were also recipients of some of the Ohio State University Extension special awards. They included Helen Haar for the junior category of Best Overall Construction; Katherine Penzenik in the senior category for Best Modeling; Maggie Eibler, Giggle ‘n Stitches’ President, was nominated for the Ohio 4-H Fashion Review Award and Grace England was the first to receive the brand new award as a “Rising Star” to watch for in the future. In the category of Clothes for High School and College Katherine Penzenik received Outstanding of the Day.

By Samantha Sunderhaft, Club News Reporter

Club members prep for fair

Greener Fields 4-H meetings have discussed opportunities to help the community as well as getting ready for the Great Geauga County Fair. This past meeting in June at the fairgrounds pavilion was mainly about how to help serve the hungry in Geauga County and elsewhere and how to bring joy to those for who the food is collected. Members at the meeting discussed service opportunities to help veterans and the hungry. The members made bookmarks to give to the nonprofit Meals On Wheels and talked about doing a food drive at Wal-Mart to collect food to give to the local food pantries.

Members also discussed things for the upcoming fair such as fair decorating and buyer gifts and letters for those who purchase 4-H animals at the fair. The 4-H members also discussed how to properly care for the animals as they grow and how to prep them for the fair.

By Joslyn Borah, Greener Fields 4-H

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