Downed trees, power lines

The snowstorm on Dec. 1 left many downed trees and power lines in Hunting Valley. There were trees and wires in the road on Hillbrook Drive, South Woodland Road, Shaker Boulevard, Deer Run Drive, Partridge Lane, Chagrin River Road, Fairmount Boulevard, County Line Road and Mather Lane. Cars were stuck in the road on SOM Center Road, Roundwood Road, Cedar Road, Fairmount, South Woodland and Mather, according to police reports.

Man accused of violating order

A female contacted Chagrin Falls police on Dec. 3, to report her ex-boyfriend threatened her life and he is in violation of a temporary protection order.

Officers investigated the order and arrested the male on Dec. 6. The 45-year-old man of Chagrin Falls is scheduled to be in Bedford Municipal Court on Dec. 14.

Juvenile in minor accident

Chagrin Falls police reported a 17-year-old Bainbridge male was involved in a minor, non-injury vehicle accident involving his parent’s car and a delivery truck on Dec. 5 on North Main Street.

Officers investigating the incident found the juvenile had a suspended driver’s license. His case is being referred to Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

Flower baskets missing

On Nov. 28, a Russell Township police officer responded to a Hemlock Road residence at about 2 p.m. regarding a report of stolen flower baskets. Upon officer arrival, the complainant advised that sometime within the last month, someone allegedly stole two outdoor flower baskets off her fence, according to the report. The complainant requested a report be kept on file and said she would install cameras.

Dog reunited with owner

A Russell Township officer was dispatched to a Sweetbriar Lane residence for a report of a loose dog on the property on Nov. 29 at 8 p.m. The complainant said she was able to catch the dog, according to the report, and wanted to return it to its owner. Upon arrival, the officer was able to locate and contact the owner, who came to retrieve the dog.

Swerving car reported

At 9:44 p.m., a cell phone caller reported to Solon police a vehicle all over the road on Carriage Park and SOM Center Road. The reporting officer observed the vehicle cross the double yellow line twice. A glass pipe alleged by the driver to be used to smoke meth was on his lap, the report said. He failed field sobriety tests and submitted to a breath test which registered a .003, so a urine test was performed and results are pending.

Timothy Bulman, 53, of Lyndhurst was cited for OVI, marked lanes and drug paraphernalia, police said.

Storm leaves its mark

The Dec. 1 snowstorm also brought down many power lines and trees in Moreland Hills. There was debris in the roadway on South Woodland Road, Deepwood Drive, West Juniper Lane, Hunting Trail, Chagrin Boulevard, Jackson Road, Meadowhill Lane, Basswood Lane, Chagrin River Road, Giles Road and more. Cars were stuck on SOM Center Road, Murwood Drive, Woodburn Drive, Glen Road, Sterncrest Drive and East Juniper Lane, according to reports.

Threatening call to Firebirds

On Dec. 3, Orange police responded to Firebirds at 211 Park Ave. for a threatening phone call involving a possible shooting at the restaurant. The hostess received a call from an unknown woman, who said that her brother was going to shoot up the restaurant, according to the report. The manager called the police then received a text from an employee asking about when he works next. There is suspicion that the employee’s ex-girlfriend is the one who made the call, the report states. Police are giving special attention to the area and Pinecrest security is escorting employees to their cars.

Door shattered in Falls

On Nov. 20, Chagrin Falls police responded to a North Street home after an alarm sounded and a glass storm door had been broken.

Officers found glass shards and blood in the immediate area but entry to the home had not been made and no other evidence found. Police concluded that a deer likely ran into the glass door, breaking it.

Random voices investigated

On Dec. 2, an East Washington Street resident requested that Chagrin Falls police check the interior of her vacant home, after a neighbor reported hearing voices coming from the second level of the home.

Police found nobody in the residence.

Fraudulent transaction reported

On Dec. 3, a 60-year-old Beachwood man reported fraud to Orange police. He said that he received a bill for opening seven different phone lines from the Verizon store at Pinecrest. He said that he does not have an account with Verizon and the bill is for $367 for the month of December, according to the report. He advised police that he did not open the phone lines and someone else must have used his name, the report states.

Woman avoids scam

A concerned family member of an elderly Chagrin Falls woman contacted Chagrin Falls police on Dec. 5 to report an attempted scam which he had been able to stop before a large sum of money was transferred from her bank account.

He told officers an electronic money payment to an unknown person in New York was reversed in time and no money was lost but the family member wanted the police department to be aware of the attempted scam.

Police reported family members are working to oversee the mother’s activities and check on her welfare.

Man faces OVI charges

An Olmsted Township man was charged with drunken driving on Dec. 4 by Solon police.

At 7:13 a.m., police found a vehicle stuck in the snow. There was a strong odor of alcohol and the driver failed field sobriety tests and refused a breath test.

Keith Donohue, 35, was cited for OVI and failure to control.

Driving violations observed

A Cleveland man was charged with drunken driving on Dec. 5 by Solon police.

At 1:08 p.m., an officer observed a vehicle on the Route 422 freeway commit several marked lanes violations. An open beer was found on the driver’s lap, police said. There was an odor of alcohol. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was arrested. At the station, he submitted to a breath test which registered .256 BAC.

Derrick Clemis, 35, was cited for OVI, marked lanes, seat belt and open container, police said.

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