Arrest in missing car case

A Cleveland man was charged with receiving stolen property Sept. 5.

At 3 p.m., Solon officers were checking the area of Aurora Road near the Giant Eagle Market District after a Honda CR-V was stolen from Cleveland Heights.

The vehicle was located in the lot and officers waited for the driver to return to his vehicle.

Arrested and charged with receiving stolen property was Derek Watson, 20, police said.

Motor left running

A Chagrin Falls Cottage Street woman on Sept. 6 noticed a white Lexus in the driveway of a neighboring home and called village police to report because the motor was left running, no one was inside the vehicle and she became concerned because a young girl lived at the residence.

Police gained entry to the property and found no one there. They turned off the car and left a note for the owner.

Woman shooing away bugs

Chagrin Falls police department was contacted by a woman calling from the shopping plaza on Sept. 6 to express concern for a woman who had been walking around her car for over two hours.

The report states the caller asked the woman if she needed help and she told her she could not have any bugs in her car which contained cleaning products. The woman also complained about wearing a facemask.

The woman refused help a second time and said she was all right to drive to her home in Aurora.

Unlocked car missing

Motor vehicle theft was reported Sept. 5 in Solon.

At 8:13 a.m., police said a suspect took a vehicle on Duneden Road. The owner left the car unlocked in the drive with the keys inside. The vehicle has been entered as stolen in the NCIC database.

Truck punching draws concerns

An Aquilla Village man found a new way to blow off steam while working from home by punching his truck. At 1:21 p.m. on Sept. 1, the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department dispatch received a call from a Turner Drive resident who reported she heard arguing at a neighbor’s house just before four gunshots were fired. Once sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene the neighbor informed them that he “became upset with his work situation, walked outside and punched the tailgate of his truck four times,” according to the incident report. The other parties supported his story and stated that nobody had been threatened.

Woman becomes fraud victim

A Munson Township woman reported becoming a victim of a phone scam when she mailed a $599 check to a New Jersey address to have them remove a virus from her computer on Sept. 1, according to reports At 8:42 p.m., the caller phoned the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department to inform them that she would cancel the check.

Lost wallet returned

An area resident got his wallet back after losing it outside of Hambden Corners convenience store at 13096 GAR Highway without incident on Sept. 1, according to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department. The wallet was returned at 6:37 p.m., almost three hours after someone called to report finding it near the side of the store.

Worry over speeding trucks

A Parkman Township woman said on Sept. 1 that she was worried for the Amish residents in her area because several semi-trucks that “constantly use their engine brake” have been speeding past her Main Market Road, according to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department. A deputy informed the caller that extra patrols would be conducted in the surrounding area.

Woman skirts scam

A Burton Township resident narrowly avoided becoming the victim of fraud thanks to her niece who phoned the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department on Sept. 2 to report the fraud. The sheriff’s report stated that the trouble started when the woman received a fraudulent email that stated she had spent $4,000 on Amazon. When she called the help number attached to the email, the woman was told that she had to go to a local pharmacy to “reverse” the transaction, but her niece was able to get in touch with her in time. Deputies offered the woman advice on tactics used by overseas scammers.

Dirt bike swapped?

Gregory Pavella of Newbury Township reported that someone had stolen his dirt bike and replaced it with the same exact model of bike at his 14898 Longview Drive home on Sept. 2. The incident report said that the complainant noticed VIN numbers had been scratched off and the front handle bars were on backwards three days after he’d last ridden it. However, since he didn’t have paperwork of proof of ownership for the bike, deputies couldn’t investigate further.

Sick raccoon reported

A Geauga County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a sick raccoon that Munson residents found in their backyard on Bean Road at 7 p.m. on Sept. 4, according to the department’s records.

Trump sign burned

The family reported on Sept. 5 that a Donald Trump presidential sign had been burned the previous night in their front yard on Auburn Road in Chardon. The family had no leads on a possible suspect and just wanted to make the sheriff’s office aware of the incident. Deputies advised her to invest in a security camera, according to the report.

Naked man flees hospital

On Sept. 5, a naked 27-year-old Macedonia man left University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center with a sheet to cover himself, according to the report. Orange police responded to Beechmont Country Club at 29600 Chagrin Blvd. for a welfare check. Employees found the man in the men’s restroom and police returned him to the hospital, the report states.

Motor vehicle reported stolen

Theft of a motor vehicle on Sept. 3 is being investigated by Solon police this week.

At 7 a.m., police responded to Baldwin Road where a suspect overnight took a Toyota pickup truck left in the driveway with keys inside.

The vehicle was recovered the next day in Cleveland, and the department’s detective bureau is investigating.

Unlawful sex conduct alleged

Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor Sept. 3 resulted in the arrest of a Painesville man.

At 10:36 a.m., police said a Painsville man, 35, engaged in a text conversation with what he believed was a 15-year-old. The text was with a Solon detective/task force member of Internet Crimes Against Children.

The conversation led to the suspect suggesting sex acts that he would perform, police said. He agreed to meet the “15-year-old girl” at the Solon Community Park where he was arrested by detectives.

Anthony Galipo, 35, was charged with attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a felony of the fourth degree, police said.

Package pickup questioned

On Sept. 7, an Olive Street resident called Chagrin Falls police to report a former owner of a neighboring home had been coming on to the porch to collect packages she is still having sent to the former address.

According to police, the current owner lives only part time in the home and has reported finding dead and sometimes gutted and skinned animals scattered in the yard.

The last incident was two weeks earlier. A newly installed front door security camera has not captured any recent activity. Possible charges against the trespassers are being considered.

Domestic dispute reported

Chagrin Falls police were called to a Solon Road apartment in response to a domestic incident on Sept. 4 during which the female stated her boyfriend has been physical with her.

Police interviewed the couple separately and both stated the incident was verbal. The female stated she told dispatch it was physical so police would hurry up getting there. She was warned about reporting misleading information.

The male said she had been staying at his place to sort out problems she was having. She said she became angry when she found him texting another female.

Identity theft investigated

A Locust Lane resident called Chagrin Falls police on Sept. 3 to report possible identity theft after she received a new credit card that she did not request.

She stated the card also bore a nickname which she does not use for official business. She notified the bank and asked they close the account and is keeping track of her other accounts for suspicious activity.

Police stated, so far, there have been no suspicious transactions on her other accounts and she has not suffered a financial loss as result of the fraudulent credit card.

Caller threatens employee

On Sept. 2, Woodmere police responded to the Apple store for a threatening call. A customer on the phone threatened an employee and said that he was coming to the store and the police should be there, according to the report. The man on the phone never came to the Apple store in Woodmere, the report states.

Change jar missing from car

On Sept. 2, a Brainard Road resident reported theft to Orange police. He said that someone went through his unlocked vehicle overnight and a jar of change with less than $100 was missing, according to the report.

Man walks into freezer at Pinstripes

On Sept. 4, Orange police responded to Pinecrest for a report of a man in the walk-in freezer at Pinstripes. Police identified him as Terrell Gardner, 45, of Cleveland and he had two active felony warrants through the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office for violations of sex offender registration, the report states. He was transported to the sheriff’s office. The Pinecrest property manager advised him not to return to the property, according to the report.

Car on fire at gas station

On Sept. 3, Orange police responded to the Shell gas station at 27010 Chagrin Blvd. for a vehicle on fire. The car was engulfed in flames when police arrived, according to the report. A pillar near the vehicle was also damaged and the car was towed, the report states.

Man hitchhiking along highway

On Sept. 3, Orange police responded to the area of Interstate 271 and Harvard Road for a welfare check. Samuel Gore said that he is homeless and was hitchhiking to New Hampshire, according to the report. Police found that he had a felony warrant with extradition to Indiana, the report states. Mr. Gore was turned over to the Cuyahoga County jail.

Woman reports harassment

On Sept. 4, Orange police responded to a residence on Orangewood Drive for harassing communications. The resident said that she received several calls on her home and cell phone and the caller used a racial slur, according to the report. Someone also ordered $58 worth of pizza to her house, the report states. She said that an unknown person posted her personal information on an app called Discord. Police advised her to block the phone number and delete the app.

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