Fraud reported

On Oct. 26, an Epping Road resident in Gates Mills filed a fraud/forgery report. The resident said that two checks in the amount of $400 were endorsed and cashed by an unknown party, according to the report. An investigation is ongoing.

$10,000 ring reported stolen

On Oct. 31, Moreland Hills police responded to a residence on Meadowhill Lane for theft. The wife said that a caretaker from Unique Home Care Solutions comes to her home overnight to take care of her husband while she is at work, according to the report. The wife noticed that two of her gold necklaces and an 18k white gold band with a 1-carat diamond were missing, the report states. She later found the necklaces, but not the ring. The caretaker said she had not seen it. The police told the resident to tell the caretaker that she was caught on video taking the ring, the report states. Police said that the caretaker admitted to it and returned the diamond ring, which is valued at $10,000. Sandra Kay Justice, 63, of Garfield Heights was charged with theft and had a Bedford Municipal Court date on Nov. 3, according to the report.

Woman charged with OVI

A Euclid woman was charged with drunken driving Oct. 28 by Solon police.

At 9:20 p.m., a caller reported that a woman was driving at slow speeds and crossing the center line on SOM Center Road. The officer located the car at Mr. Chicken and the driver had a strong odor of alcohol, police said. She failed field sobriety tests and refused a breath test.

Annette Nettles, 58, was cited for OVI and open container, police said.

Car stolen from driveway

Theft of a motor vehicle took place Oct. 30 in Solon.

At 6:16 a.m., a victim reported the theft of his Lexus sedan overnight from his driveway on Winchester Road. His son left the keys in the vehicle. The vehicle was recovered the next day after a police pursuit in Euclid, in which the vehicle crashed into a building.

The suspect ran and was not identified, police said.

Woman accused of throwing can

A Solon woman was charged with felony domestic violence in connection with a Nov. 1 incident.

At 10:42 a.m., Solon police responded to Aurora Road where a 51-year-old female and her ex-husband, 57, got into a verbal argument that led to the suspect allegedly throwing a soda can and laptop at her husband.

The woman, 51, was arrested for felony three domestic violence due to two previous convictions, police said.

Political sign on property

On Oct. 31, the manager of Moreland Commons on Chagrin Boulevard called Moreland Hills police for a political sign. He said that one of the neighbors on Chagrin placed a political sign on the Moreland Commons property, according to the report. The manager said that there was an open house and he did not want potential homeowners to think that the development is supporting one side or the other. A police officer moved the sign, the report states.

Detectives probe jewelry theft

The Solon detective bureau is investigating a Nov. 1 theft from a city residence.

At 5:50 p.m., police responded to Senaca Road where a 48-year-old female victim reported theft of about $3,000 in jewelry from her bedroom.

The detective bureau is investigating.

Child stuck in handcuffs

On Oct. 29, a child who lives on Partridge Lane in Hunting Valley tried on handcuffs as part of his Halloween costume. He later realized that there was no key, according to the report. The mother called the police and an officer helped to remove the handcuffs, the report states.

Stolen car on Lander Road

On Oct. 28, Orange police responded to a residence on Lander Road for a theft report. The 49-year-old man said that his Nissan Rogue was stolen from his driveway sometime after 2 a.m. on Oct. 27, according to the report. The keys were left inside the vehicle, the report states.

Man cited for OVI

On Oct. 29, Orange police stopped a car on Lander Road for traveling left of center and weaving through traffic. Quentin Johnson, 41, of Cleveland failed field sobriety tests but had a BAC level of 0.0, according to the report He said that he smoked marijuana and “had a shot,” the report states. Police said that Mr. Johnson was cited for left of center, improper turn at intersection, safety belt, driving under suspension and operating a vehicle while impaired. He had a Bedford Municipal Court date on Nov. 3. A plastic bottle believed to be PCP also was recovered from the vehicle, the report states.

Caller reports screaming woman

On Halloween night, an unknown caller told Chagrin Falls police that a woman with long hair was hanging out of her window of a Maple Street home screaming that unidentified “people” were handing out poisoned candy.

Rolling out the charges

A 57-year-old Chagrin Falls man was charged with “dropping injurious materials on a roadway” on Oct. 26 for his part in delivering a truck load of pumpkins to the top of Grove Hill for the annual pumpkin roll in the village.

There were no injuries or other arrests, according to police. The man’s Bedford Municipal Court date is Nov. 9.

Man cited for theft

On Oct. 24, Woodmere police responded to DXL Men’s Apparel at 27079 Chagrin Blvd. for a theft report. Michael D. Frost, 52, of Maple Heights allegedly concealed a $98 red Polo shirt in his pants, according to the report. He later removed it when he saw the police. Mr. Frost was cited for theft, the report states. He was also given a $2,500 personal bond for failure to appear on an active theft warrant with Woodmere police, the report states.

Fraudulent charge of $1,072

On Oct. 25, Woodmere police responded to a residence on Avondale Road. The resident said that his Chase Bank checking account had a transaction from charging him $1,072, according to the report. The fraud department advised him to file a police report.

Car stolen at Speedway

On Oct. 30, Woodmere police responded to Speedway at 27939 Chagrin Blvd. for a car theft. The complainant said that he pulled into Speedway to buy cigarettes and left the keys in the running car, according to the report. When he came out, a man was attempting to leave with his vehicle, police said. The unknown man left the parking lot eastbound on Chagrin then turned onto Brainard southbound before Woodmere police arrived, the report states.

Identity theft reported

A Chagrin Falls woman went to the Chagrin Falls police station on Oct. 28 to report that she was a victim of identity theft after receiving a collection notice from Spectrum cable company.

According to the report, the woman does not subscribe to Spectrum. The amount due was just over $1,000. Spectrum is investigating.

Window escape fails youths

What began as a domestic situation in progress on Oct. 30 in Chagrin Falls became a juvenile problem when police discovered the violent noises heard by a Citadel condo resident was two 15-year-old boys who became rowdy while visiting a friend.

Chagrin Falls Police said the duo climbed out a first floor window to avoid responding officers who caught up with the youths, warned them of their behavior then called their parents.

Loud music at Citadel

A woman playing loud music from her Citadel condo on Oct. 30 won a visit from Chagrin Falls police after residents complained of the racket.

She was reminded her neighbors were working from home and children are going to school remotely. She complied and turned the sound down.

Woman taken to hospital

A Nob Hill resident contacted Chagrin Falls police on Oct. 31 after witnessing a neighbor smoking, talking to herself and hanging around in a laundry room where she was found folding someone else’s laundry.

It was deemed the female was exhibiting a change in mental status, the report stated. First responders transported her to a hospital for observation.

Car owner located

On Oct. 29, a Chagrin Falls woman called village police to report an abandoned car on the street.

Police learned the car was reported stolen from the parking lot of a Lake County urgent care facility but the female owner notified police she had no way of picking it up.

A tow truck was canceled after the female owner said she had no transportation and was looking for help retrieving it. Her husband arrived later to pick it up.

Man arrested for OVI

On Oct. 29, Orange police pulled over a driver on Orange Place Drive after observing reckless driving. Lee Coleman III, 28, of East Cleveland refused field sobriety tests, according to the report. Due to his uncoordinated movements and incoherent responses to questions, he was arrested for OVI, the report states. Mr. Coleman refused a breath test. Police said that he was cited for signals before turning, seatbelt, reckless operation, OVI and OVI refusal. He had a Bedford Municipal Court date on Nov. 3, the report states.

Woman reports male outside home

A Munson woman called the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office at about 5 a.m. on Oct. 26 to report that a white male on the America’s Most Wanted list was outside her front door.

Officers had difficulty understanding the woman over the phone due to her slurred speech, according to the report. She refused to open the door and claimed someone had shot her friend to death, the report states. When deputies arrived, they checked the area and no male was located and found the woman to be on medications. Munson Fire Department checked the woman and found her to be OK, according to the report, and a friend agreed to stay with the woman until her son came home from work.

Driver reportedly cashes check

A Burton Township man reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 26 that he was a victim of fraud.

According to the report, the man’s taxi driver allegedly stole a check out of the man’s checkbook and cashed it for $720. The complainant reported that he was unsure as to whether he wanted to prosecute and said he would call the deputy back.

Man brings in suspicious mail

A Newbury Township man came into the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 26 to report mail with a strange substance inside when shaken.

Deputies found the envelope to have a voting flyer and a package of flower seeds that were the culprit to the suspicious noise, according to the report.

Resident reports dispute

A Sperry Road resident called the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 26 to speak to a deputy regarding an ongoing dispute with his neighbor. The Newbury Township man said he wanted to document that his neighbor keeps daring him to come onto his property and wishing him luck with hunting, according to the report. The caller told deputies that there has been ongoing issues with the neighbor because the caller’s friends sometimes trespass on the neighbor’s property with four-wheelers, the report states. The caller requested advice on putting up fencing around his property.

Great Lakes Cheese gets threat

Human resources reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 26 that an employee of Great Lakes Cheese, 17825 Great Lakes Parkway in Troy Township, allegedly purchased weapons and threatened to blow up the manufacturer, according to the report. Deputies advised of the situation and provided extra patrols. The employee was to be fired, and no charges were reported.

Cows evade deputy patrols

A resident reported a cow running westbound on Butternut Road in Burton Township to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 26 at about 9 p.m. Deputies checked the area but were unable to locate the Butternut bovine.

A Chardon Township resident also reported several loose cows in the roadway on Mentor Road Oct. 29 at about 2:15 p.m. Deputies were unable to locate the cattle crowd.

Children on bus too long

A Munson Township parent called the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 27 after their children did not arrive home as expected.

The complainant called the sheriff’s office at about 4:15 p.m. stating their children were to arrive home from Notre Dame Elementary School via a Chardon City Schools’ bus by 3 p.m., according to the report. Dispatch contacted the bus garage, who stated that the kids were safe. The bus routes had changed and this was the first day running the new routes so the rides would be longer, the report states. The complainant said they were not advised of the change and told the sheriff’s office that they would like to press criminal charges for keeping children on a bus so long. No charges were reported.

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