Woman rips off nail salon

On Sept. 6, Woodmere police responded to Fabuleux Nail Spa at 27139 Chagrin Blvd. for a customer who left without paying. The woman received a $50 pedicure and a $70 set of nails, according to the report. The woman gave the complainant $15 toward the total amount of $129, the report states. The woman asked if she could leave the shop to get more money to pay, which the complainant allowed. Police said that she did not return. Officers were unable to make contact with the woman.

Man speeds on Battles Road

On Sept. 8, Keeshawn Peters, 19, of Cleveland was stopped for speeding on Battles Road in Gates Mills at 42 mph in a 25 mph zone, the report states. Mr. Peters was never issued a driver’s license and was cited for both violations, according to police. He was assigned a Lyndhurst Municipal Court date.

Improper handling of firearm charge

A Cleveland man was charged with improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle on Sept. 13 in Solon.

At 9:44 a.m., police stopped a vehicle for speeding. A loaded pistol was observed in the center console and the driver had no Concealed Carry Weapons permit, according to the report.

Marquise Hargrove, 21, was charged with improper transport, police said.

Cars hit by unknown substance

On Sept 13, Chagrin Falls police received calls from to people complaining about a group of four male juveniles throwing a dripping wet material at their vehicles.

The first came from a male who said his car was hit in the area of South Main and May Court. The second a female, said her car was struck near the corner of South Main and East Washington. Neither car suffered damage.

The juveniles were last seen heading toward South Franklin Street. They were gone on arrival of police.

Loud noise complaint

A Carriage Drive resident contacted Chagrin Falls police at 9 p.m. on Sept. 13 to report a car containing several people were “dancing around and yelling” and may be on drugs.

Officers investigated and found three individuals in the vehicle listening to music. They were advised to turn the volume down.

Kids leave garbage in park

Juveniles skating in Riverside parks caught the attention of one village resident who, on Sept. 12, called Chagrin Falls police to advise them of the situation which had been occurring late at night.

The complainant said upon investigating the area the following day, she found alcohol bottles, candy wrappers, other items and a picnic bench that had been damaged.

Firearm found in house

While cleaning out a house, a male contacted Chagrin Falls police to report having found a revolver and wanted to turn it in.

Police collected the firearm and will have it destroyed as provided by certain legal requirements.

Firearm found in car

A Solon man was cited for improper use of a firearm in a motor vehicle Sept. 12.

At 10:50 p.m., Solon police stopped a vehicle for an obstructed plate. The man had a Concealed Carry Weapons permit and was carrying a pistol. He did, however, have a loaded AR-15 rifle on the passenger seat and that is not covered by the permit, police said.

Erwin Monti, 74, was cited for improper transport and improper display of plates, police said.

Man cited for speeding

On Sept.7, a Woodmere police officer saw a car driving westbound on Chagrin Boulevard at 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. The vehicle’s registration expired on Aug. 25. The driver was Gary Key’Shauwn Oliver, 20, from Cleveland Heights, according to the report. Mr. Oliver showed his driver’s license to be suspended with a license forfeiture and had an active warrant out of Cleveland Heights for fleeing and eluding, the report states. Police said that Mr. Oliver was cited for his suspended license and speed. He was given a mandatory Bedford Municipal Court date.

Weapons charge by Solon police

Weapons charges Sept. 13 resulted in the arrest of a Cleveland man in Solon.

At 12:49 p.m., police stopped a vehicle that had license plate entered as stolen. The man was removed from the vehicle due to the strong odor of marijuana, Solon police said, and he was found to be in possession of two handguns, one of which was entered stolen by the Cleveland police. He is a convicted felon on parole, police said.

Keith White, 26, was charged with improper transport, CCW, and having a weapon while under disability, police said.

hWoman charged with OVI

A Bedford woman was charged with drunken driving on Sept. 13 in Solon.

At 12:15 a.m., police stopped a car on Richmond Road that had rear ended another vehicle. There was an odor of alcohol and the driver failed field sobriety tests and was arrested. At the station, she submitted to a breath test which registered a .087 BAC, according to the report.

Thameshia Sims, 28, was charged with OVI, prohibited BAC and driving under suspension, police said.

Man cited for suspended license

On Sept. 10, Arthur Griffin, 60, of Cleveland was stopped for speeding at 66 mph in a 45 mph zone on Mayfield Road, the Gates Mills police report states. Mr. Griffin was also operating under a license suspension and was cited for both violations, police said. His vehicle was turned over to a licensed driver.

Woman reports disturbance

On Sept. 8, Orange police responded to the Beachwood Inn at 3795 Orange Place for a disturbance. The 28-year-old Cleveland woman said that the father of her son pinned her down and attempted to take her phone, according to the report. She had a small scratch on her hand but declined medical treatment and did not want to prosecute the father, the report states. He left the scene before police arrived.

Woman found dead in apartment

On Sept. 10, a 32-year-old Bentleyville woman was found dead at 4th & Pine, an apartment building at Pinecrest, according to Orange Village police. Next to the woman, there was a plate with a cut straw with a white substance inside, according to the Orange Village police report. The 65-year-old mother told police that she found her daughter unresponsive from an apparent overdose, the report states.

Warrant served

On Sept. 12, dispatch advised Orange police that Cleveland police had Dawan Cogburn, 34, of Cleveland in custody, the report states. Mr. Cogburn had a warrant through Orange police for failure to appear on FRA suspension, lighted lights, open container and aggravated menacing, according to the report. He told police that he was having trouble breathing and had COVID-19. Mr. Cogburn was transported to St. Vincent Charity Medical Center and he was medically cleared for jail, police said. He was transported to the Bedford jail, posted bond and has a Bedford Municipal Court date on Sept. 25.

Domestic violence charges

A Solon man was charged with domestic violence in connection with a Sept. 9 incident.

At 7:10 p.m., police responded to Springside Lane where a 69-year-old female victim reported that her 49-year-old son threatened her verbally with physical violence.

The man was charged with domestic violence in the incident, police said.

Theft alleged at grocery store

A Bedford Heights woman was charged with theft in connection with a Sept. 11 incident in Solon.

At 3:49 p.m., officers observed an employee of the Giant Eagle Market District, which is at 34310 Aurora Road, conceal more than $200 worth of items in her purse and then leave without paying.

She was stopped in her vehicle leaving the scene. Carol Tucker, 57, was charged with theft and driving under suspension, police said.

Man faces OVI charges

A Cleveland Heights man was charged with drunken driving on Sept. 11 in Solon.

At 10:46 p.m., police stopped a car for speeding on Cochran Road. There was an odor of alcohol and the driver failed field sobriety tests, police said. He was arrested and submitted to a breath test which registered a .291 BAC.

Bishka Tamang, 31, was charged with OVI, prohibited BAC and speed, police said.

Two cars stolen in Solon

Theft of two motor vehicles occurred Sept. 13 in Solon.

At 3:40 a.m., a resident on Winston Lane reported being awakened to a loud noise, and observed his Lexus SUV and Nissan SUV being stolen from his garage. The garage was accidentally left open and keys were in the vehicle.

Both vehicles were entered as stolen and the department’s detective bureau is investigating.

Men face weapons charges

Two males are facing weapons charges on Sept. 12 in Solon.

At 2:13 a.m., two men were observed in the parking lot of a closed office building on Aurora Road. Investigation by Solon police resulted in the discovery of an AR-15 rifle and two handguns. Neither man had a Concealed Carry Weapons permits, police said.

Jeremiah Proctor, 18, of Hudson, and Kora Dreams, 18, of Akron, were charged with CCW, police said.

Trash can crosses line

A Bell Street resident contacted Chagrin Falls police on Sept. 11 to report a neighbor with whom she was having an ongoing dispute, persisted in setting her trash cans on the caller’s property.

Police investigated and asked the neighbor to remove the cans which she did, according to the blotter.

The complainant called police a second time to report after they had left, the neighbor put the cans back on her neighbor’s property.

Police visited the female again and advised her to remove the cans and be mindful of the property lines which had recently been surveyed.

Man stopped for speeding

A Euclid man was charged with drunken driving on Sept. 15 in Solon.

At 1:37 a.m., a man was stopped for speed on Seminole Way. There was an odor of alcohol and he failed field sobriety tests and was arrested. At the police station, he submitted to a breath test which registered a .080 BAC, the report states.

Anthony Harris, 63, was charged with OVI, speed and prohibited BAC, police said.

Motorists ignore flagman

The flag man working the construction site on East Washington Street at Ridgewood Road, Sept. 10, contacted Chagrin Falls police for help when motorists either did not see him or were ignoring him.

A second caller, a male motorist, called with the same complaint and said there were now three flagmen directing and suggested an officer may help in sorting out the car snarl.

Resident reports computer scam

A resident called Chagrin Falls police on Sept. 11 to report being a victim of a scam artist posing as an Apple support technician who advise her of a computer breach which had exposed her information to hackers who could gain access to her bank information.

The caller said she was told to buy four gift cards from him in order to have the incident investigated. She did and lost $1,150 in the transaction.

Police are investigating.

Woman charged with trespassing

A Maple Street resident in Chagrin Falls was warned by police about coming on to her neighbor’s property and pulling the switch on an animated blow-up waving figure which looks into her windows.

The device was placed there by the neighbor who had been using it to keep birds away from a feeder and pooping on his house and cars.

On Sept. 4 the woman repeated the action and on Sept. 7 was charged with trespassing. The 62-year-old woman is scheduled to appear in Bedford Municipal Court on Sept. 28.

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