Suspicious digging

On March 11, a Munson Township homeowner on Greenbrier Drive called the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office to report a construction crew digging up a gas line at a new home under construction across the street from his home. The man stated that no one advised him about the work being done. According to the report, the man wanted to make sure the crew was certified to do the work. The man advised deputies that he had no issues with the work being done and already called the gas company.

Motorcyclist popping wheelies

On March 13, a driver reported a motorcyclist popping wheelies on Chagrin River Road near Rogers Road in Gates Mills. Police did not locate the motorcyclist.

Trespasser reported

On March 11, an Auburn Township man reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office that his ex-wife showed up at his residence without permission while he was at work. According to the report, the man said he caught the woman on camera at the residence, but she was no longer there. He advised deputies he would call back if a report needs to be filed.

Driver cited in accident

There was a two-car accident on March 9 in Hunting Valley. A car was driving northbound on Chagrin River Road when it made a left turn onto Fairmount Boulevard and struck a car driving southbound on Chagrin River Road, the report states. A 16-year-old driver of Chagrin Falls was cited for right of way left turn, according to the report.

Slashed tires at Drury Inn

On March 8, Orange police responded to the Drury Inn at 4100 Orange Place Drive for a property damage report. A 19-year-old Bedford woman got into a verbal argument with her 18-year-old friend of Maple Heights, according to the report. The Bedford woman asked the hotel staff to make her friend leave, which they did. The Maple Heights woman allegedly slashed the tires of her friend’s car in the parking lot, police said. Hotel staff members got her license plate number but it was not caught on surveillance video.

Firearms surrendered

On March 10, the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a Munson Township man wanting to surrender firearms. According to the report, three firearms were retrieved by deputies and were entered into evidence. A receipt was provided to the man.

Couple fraudulently stays at hotel

On March 10, a resident of Jackson Road reported fraud to Orange police. The 50-year-old woman said that she was advised of an $887 charge on her credit card at the Cleveland Marriott East, located at 26300 Harvard Road in Warrensville Heights, according to the report. There were other charges at a local Target and Walmart. Orange police spoke to hotel management, who confronted a man and a woman staying in two rooms that were booked with the Orange resident’s credit card, the report states. The man and woman left the hotel and the resident contacted her credit card company.

Barking dog

On March 12, a 63-year-old resident of Pike Drive reported a neighbor’s barking dog to Orange police. The police said that they would advise the owner about the village’s barking dog ordinance, the report states.

Unruly juvenile

On March 12, Orange police responded to Extended Stay South at 3820 Orange Place Drive for an unruly juvenile report. A 35-year-old woman said that her 15-year-old bipolar and schizophrenic son was missing, according to the report. She said that he has been leaving the room without permission, stealing money, drinking liquor, smoking weed and bringing women back to the hotel room, the report states. Police found the teenager laying on the ground outside of the room where his family was staying. He said that his mother’s claims are false and she is showing favoritism toward his sisters, police said. Another son arrived at the hotel to pick up the 15-year-old and the mother said that she wanted to file unruly juvenile charges.

Welfare check

On March 11, a Columbus man reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office that he was unable to reach his elderly parents in their 70s at their Burton Township home. According to the report, the man was trying to call his parents all day but was unable to reach them. The son stated that he spoke with this mother that morning at 10 a.m. and she told him she was very tired. He told the deputy his parents’ neighbors tried checking in on them but said there was no answer at the door. A deputy was dispatched to the residence and made contact with the couple who told him they were not feeling well and they didn’t know anyone was trying to reach them.

Identity theft in Burton

On March 10, the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a Burton man, now in Florida, who reported he received notification that a claim for unemployment benefits was applied for in his name. The man stated he did not apply for the benefits and already contacted the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to report the fraud and was provided with an incident number, according to the report.   

Citizen dispute

On March 10, the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a Lake County resident over a dispute he was having with a Munson Township man related to an allegedly stolen vehicle. The caller was referred to Lake County, but they refused the report because the car was located in Geauga County, according to the report.

A police sergeant spoke with the Munson Township man who owns an auto repair shop, and he informed the officer that he allowed a totaled vehicle to be stored at his shop for a short time and that the Lake County man has made no effort to remove the vehicle. The police officer informed the Lake County man it was a civil matter and arrangements were made to remove the vehicle.

Driver strikes pole

On March 11, a car was driving eastbound on Shaker Boulevard in Pepper Pike. Another car was driving northbound on Brainard Road and struck the car, then hit a pole, the report states. Fredrick Lee, 36, of Bedford was cited for red light violation, according to police.

Stuffed unicorn found

On March 10, a large stuffed unicorn was found on Fairmount Boulevard in Hunting Valley. An officer took it back to the station, according to the report.

Catalytic converter stolen

On March 10, a catalytic converter was stolen from a scrap pile in the parking lot behind Swedish Solution, an automotive repair shop at 27999 Miles Road in Orange. The converter was worth about $300, according to the report.

Unemployment fraud

On March 12, a 69-year-old Pike Drive resident reported unemployment fraud to Orange police. Her name and personal information were used to file an unemployment claim, according to the report.

Warrant served

On March 12, Orange police conducted a registration check on a car parked at the Drury Inn, 4100 Orange Place Drive. The owner, Manuel Brooks, 27, of Bedford Heights had a felony warrant with Garfield Heights police, according to the report. An officer conducted a traffic stop on Harvard Road and took Mr. Brooks into custody, the report states. He was transported to Garfield Heights.

Assault at hotel

On March 13, Orange police responded to Extended Stay South, 3820 Orange Place Drive, for a disturbance report. A 26-year-old Warren woman said that she was assaulted and restrained by her 27-year-old boyfriend of Shaker Heights over the last three days, the report states. During the last incident on Feb. 16, he was advised that he would be charged with criminal trespassing if he returned to the property. The woman signed charges for assault and unlawful restraint and the hotel manager signed charges for criminal trespassing, according to police.

Car chase

On March 12, a female driving a black Chevy pickup truck with pink stickers on the back window was chasing a male driving a Gold Honda CRV between Kinsman and Auburn Road. According to a report from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, the pickup chased the Honda through a church parking lot twice and then back onto the roadway. Two people witnessed the incident and the driver of the Honda stated that he was being followed but had no damage to his vehicle and no threats were made by the other driver.

Vehicle abandoned at rookery

On March 13, an unoccupied Red Mazda was located at the Rookery Park in Munson Township. According to the report from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, the area was checked with nobody located and the hood of the vehicle was cold to the touch. Deputies attempted to contact the owner of the vehicle with negative results.

Missing pills

On March 13, the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office reported that a 20-year-old male patient in a local emergency room stated he may have dropped pills on the playground of Mel Harder Park in the city of Chardon. The male stated he did not drop any pills, but his mother notified the officer that he came back with empty bottles, according to the report. The area was checked on foot by the Chardon Police Department and they were unable to locate any pills on site.

Dog’s paw stuck in car

On March 6, a woman driving northbound on Interstate 271 exited on Chagrin Boulevard and headed to Woodmere Village Hall for an emergency with her pet. Her golden retriever’s paw was stuck between a seat latch and floorboard of the car, according to the report. The Woodmere Fire Department freed the dog’s paw and advised the driver about an emergency clinic in Warrensville Heights to attend to the animal, the report states.

Identity theft

On March 9, a resident of Maplecrest Road reported identity theft to Woodmere police. She said that she received mail from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services regarding unemployment benefits, according to the report. She did not file for unemployment benefits and filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and Social Security Administration, the report states.

Missing from nursing home

On March 13, a Munson Township resident reported seeing an elderly male riding on a motorized scooter in the roadway heading eastbound on Sherman Road. The resident told the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office they were concerned the elderly man would get hit by a car and was trying to get away from Heather Hill nursing home. According to the report, deputies located the male in a motorized chair needing a lift assist. The man was approximately 300 pounds and non-weight bearing. Fire Department personnel arrived and assisted the male back to Heather Hill.

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