Woman reported in car

A Northfield Center woman was charged with physical control and open container in connection with a May 23 incident in Solon.

At 10:45 p.m., Solon police responded to the Solon Motel, 32575 Aurora Road on a report of a female sleeping in her vehicle. Officers said they observed an open container of alcohol in the center console.

There was an odor of alcohol and the woman could not perform field sobriety tests due to her level of intoxication, police said. She was unsteady and uncertain of her whereabouts, police said.

At the station, she refused a breath test.

Michelle Ceccardi, 48, of Northfield Center, was charged with physical control and open container in a stationery motor vehicle, police said.

Leafblower reported stolen

On May 19, the Mayfield City School District groundskeeper was cutting grass at the Gates Mills Elementary School at 7639 Colvin Road. The groundskeeper saw a white SUV pull alongside his landscape trailer and a man exited the SUV, according to Gates Mills police. The unidentified man picked up a backpack leaf blower from the trailer, put it in his SUV and drove away, the report states. A theft report was filed and an investigation is ongoing.

Fraudulent report to agency

On May 21, a 57-year-old Meadow Lane resident reported fraud to Hunting Valley police. He said that he received a notice of application from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, but the application was fraudulent, according to the report. The agency was contacted and flagged the fraud before any monies were sent, the report states.

Woman reports suspicious truck

On May 18, Orange Village police responded to a hotel on Orange Place Drive for a suspicious truck circling the parking lot. A 40-year-old woman said that she saw the truck park outside the window of her room and the driver was looking into her room using his rearview mirrors, according to the report. She went to speak with the driver because she was concerned for the safety of her five children who live at the hotel with her, but the truck left the parking lot, the report states.

Police identified the driver as Bernard Corradetti, 59, of Mayfield Heights, according to the report. He is a registered sex offender and had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on eavesdropping charges with Wickliffe police, the report states. Mr. Corradetti did not cooperate with Orange police and an officer found narcotics in his truck, according to the report. The hotel clerk advised that he is no longer welcome on the property and police informed him of the Wickliffe warrant, the report states.

Items removed from unlocked car

On May 18, a 25-year-old man reported theft from his unlocked car to Orange police. His car was parked at Extended Stay North at 3625 Orange Place Drive and several items were missing from his car, according to the report. The items include a Michael Kors card holder, Wells Fargo debit and credit cards, a student ID, a $150 Dior cologne bottle, and a Florida driver’s license, the report states. Police said that a credit card had a fraudulent charge at Subway, two charges at Walmart of $138 and $301 and Best Buy for $138.

Woman accused of assault

On May 19, Orange EMS responded to a residence on Emery Road for a 60-year-old man with blood in his urine catheter. The patient’s brother advised that the patient was able to walk, so he could meet the EMTs at the door, according to the report. First responders are taking extra precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon arrival, the female homeowner said that EMTs must enter the home, the report states. The homeowner, Diane Rosenfeldt, 74, of Orange Village threw an open container of blood and urine at the EMTs, police said.

Ms. Rosenfeldt said that she would drive the man to the hospital herself and told the EMTs to get off her property, according to the report. EMTs returned to the residence an hour later in response to a second call for blood in the patient’s catheter. The patient met the EMTs outside and was transported by ambulance to University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, the report states. Police said that Ms. Rosenfeldt was charged with misdemeanor assault and is scheduled to appear in Bedford Municipal Court on June 12.

Medical center patient walks out

On May 19 at about 1:30 p.m., a Geauga Medical Center patient allegedly left without proper clearance from staff, according to the report from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department. Eventually a deputy located the woman in the woods along Ravenna Road near the medical center and brought her back to the hospital, where staff admitted her.

Squatters suspected at Headwaters

On May 19, a Geauga Park District employee reported that he thought someone was squatting in one of the camping plots at Headwaters Park in Claridon Township. According to the report from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department, when deputies arrived at the campgrounds, they found a tent, two sleeping bags and a tarp but could not locate any people.

One deputy remained at the campground to watch in case anyone returned. Under state coronavirus pandemic guidelines, camping permits are not yet permitted.

Road rage reported

On May 19, Bainbridge police received a call about a red truck that was brake checking and tailgating the caller in their white KIA near the intersection of Haskins Road and Route 422 in Bainbridge. According to the report, the truck pursued the caller along 422 for about 5 minutes before getting off on the Chardon/Ravenna exit. Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the reported vehicle.

She shed sheds contents

On May 19, a Chardon Township woman told dispatch that she believed someone was stealing items out of her shed behind her property in Wilder Mobile Home Park on Chardon Road as she was in the process of moving, according to the report to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department. The complainant, who said she’ll be completely moved out in two days, told dispatch that she was missing a bird bath, a cart and a small boat motor. While she was suspicious of everyone in the area, deputies were unable to find any evidence at the scene, so they advised her to call if she noticed anything else was gone.

Runaway teen just shopping

On May 19, Geauga County Sheriff Department deputies responded to a report that a 17-year-old Huntsburg Township boy had run away from home. According to the report, deputies notified the Chardon and Middlefield police departments the juvenile’s father called and said he had left on his bicycle and may be heading towards one of those areas. Chardon police eventually located the teen on his bicycle in Chardon, near the Dunkin’ on Center Street, at which point they took him back home. The report states that the boy told deputies he never had any intention of running away, and that he just wanted to ride his bike to the store to buy craft supplies.

Deputies offer advice close to home

Geauga County Sheriff Department deputies offered advice to two parties in the county parking lot on May 20, after a woman called saying that she was being followed by a truck driver she had cut in front of, according to the report. The caller stated that after she pulled out in front of the other driver at the intersection of Mayfield and Taylor Wells Roads, the other driver had honked and then started following her, so she drove towards the sheriff’s office. Once they arrived in the parking lot, deputies issued two warnings: one to the caller for the traffic complaint, and the other to the trucker, who was told not to follow vehicles.

Woman forgets car ownership

On May 21, a Hambden Township woman reported that her son had taken her Cadillac over a week prior and that she wanted the vehicle back, but was unable to recall when her son had taken the car, where he lived or what his phone number was. According to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department, dispatchers eventually discovered that the complainant apparently had dementia and had made calls to the sheriff before.

Deputies made contact with the caller’s daughter-in-law who said the caller’s son had taken the Cadillac away from his mother due to her declining health.

Curses made to apologetic trucker

After nearly getting in a crash with a truck driver on May 21, a motorcyclist reacted aggressively according to a report made to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department. The truck driver called to make his report after making a turn in which he said he nearly struck the motorcycle driver because he had trouble seeing him. He told dispatch he would have apologized to the biker, but the motorcycle operator was cursing at him and being aggressive. Deputies documented the incident at the caller’s request.

Sink components snatched

A Huntsburg Township resident called dispatch to report that two packages valued at $50 total had been stolen from her Trailwood Road mailbox on May 21, according to the report from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department. The caller said she asked the post office not to deliver the packages, which contained $50 worth of MOEN-brand sink hardware, to her address. The deputies advised the woman to seek reimbursement from the post office.

Dog attack reported

On  May 21, a South Franklin Street resident came to the Chagrin Falls police station to report his dog was attacked by another dog while they were out for a walk and its injuries required surgery.

According to the resident , the owner of the other dog left the scene before he could get their information. The resident did provide a description of the attacking dog and its handler.

The incident occurred at South Franklin near Maple Street around 10:30 a.m. May 20. As of May 26, neither the dog nor its owner had been located.

Woman faces OVI charge

A Chagrin Falls police officer made a traffic stop on Mill Street on May 23 and found that the driver was under suspension for an earlier DUI conviction, according to the report.

Nicole Brown, 40, of Chester Township, was given a Bedford Municipal Court date of May 29. 

Driver on phone stopped

A 73-year-old Bainbridge driver was stopped on Bell Street on May 23 by Chagrin Falls police and was cited for using his cell phone and driving and having an open container in his car, according to the report.

Edward Smith was cited for the open container and cell phone use and was given a Bedford Municipal Court date of June 8, according to the report. 

Car drives over parked bike

On May 19, a Carriage Drive resident reported to Chagrin Falls police that he parked his bicycle in the carport, but when he returned he found a car parked on top of it.

The keys were obtained from the car’s owner and the bike was removed. There was no major damage, Chagrin Falls police reported.

Juvenile mischief at school

The head groundskeeper at the Chagrin Falls High School campus called police on May 20 to request special attention to the East Washington Street campus due to juvenile mischief.

He said unknown parties had been stacking pallets to get onto the roof and were throwing rocks onto the roadway. The activity occurs during evening hours, he reported. The pallets were removed.

Woman hears scream

An East Summit Street resident called Chagrin Falls police on May 22 to report that around midnight the evening before, she heard a woman scream “no” and a male voice responding. She then heard the sound of people walking, according to the report.

The incident reportedly took place in the Grove Hill area but the complainant did not contact police at the time. Police advised that in the future law enforcement should be called immediately.

Resident reports neighbor

On May 23, a Solon Road resident called Chagrin Falls police to report seeing her neighbor urinating in the carport. Officers found the elderly male sitting on a bench in the area drinking coffee and smoking.

When questioned about the incident, he apologized and advised officers he has a bad hip and was afraid he could not make it back to his apartment in time.

Call on crying dog

On May 23, a Miles Road woman called Chagrin Falls police to report the neighbor’s dog had been barking and crying all night and asked an officer check on the resident in case there was an emergency.

Police reported finding one dog outside and the possibility of another dog inside.

Entry was made into the house just as dispatch notified the officer that the resident had been located, and she was on her way home.

Turtle in road

A large snapping turtle described as “the size of a dinner plate” was reported sunning itself in the middle of North Street on May 23.

Chagrin Falls police arrived on the scene and removed the turtle from the roadway.

Caller says cyclist injured

On May 23, a caller advised the Chagrin Falls dispatcher that they had just seen a male fall off his bike on Maple Street and asked that an officer check on his well-being as it appeared the man had bruised his forehead. The caller reported asking the man, who seemed confused, if he needed help. Police were unable to find the cyclist dressed in khaki shorts and blue checkered shirt.

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