Unsafe shooting

Russell Township police said they put a stop to some unsafe recreational shooting after a Wharton Road caller complained about someone discharging a weapon in the woods behind their property. Police said they found individuals shooting in a ravine and recommended they place a dirt pile nearby for extra safety. The people agreed and stopped shooting, police said.

Parma man faces OVI charge

A Parma man was charged with drunken driving July 25 in Solon.

At 6:21 p.m., Solon police responded to Hawthorn Parkway and Cannon roads for a crash involving a vehicle and a motorcycle. The vehicle struck the motorcycle in the rear, police said, and it was determined that the driver was impaired. He acknowledged taking pain killers, police said.

He failed field sobriety and submitted to a breath test which registered a .001 BAC. Urine tests are pending.

Matthew Beckrest, 38, was charged with assured clear distance, reasonable control, OVI and hit skip as he hit several mailboxes on Aurora Road prior to the accident, police said.

Control pole damaged

On July 23, a large delivery truck attempting to make a right turn from Main Street to East Washington Street in Chagrin Falls scraped a traffic control pole and signal doing damage to both, police reported.

The company that owned the vehicle was identified and will make restitution for cost of repairs.

Family reports scam

A family member of an 81-year-old Hamlet Village resident contacted Chagrin Falls police on July 24 to report a scam perpetrated on the woman by a person who befriended her on the Internet.

The relative said the friendship grew over the past few months but lately the “friend” began asking for money and gift cards. Police are investigating.

Tiff over wind waving dolls

A Maple Street resident called Chagrin Falls police on July 21 to report a neighbor had put two “wind waving dolls” on his property and they infringed on his ability to enjoy his porch.

Police investigated and found the dolls were not on the complainant’s property. Note was made the complaint is part of ongoing neighbor trouble.

Tote stolen from car

On July 19, Woodmere police spoke with a woman at the police station about a theft report. She came to work at IOIO Studio, a medical spa at 27629 Chagrin Blvd., and left a large tote bag in her car, according to the report. The bag had $1,000 or more worth of supplies, including body jewelry and piercing needles, the report states. Her car was unlocked at the end of her shift, but she did not notice that the bag was missing until the next day, police said.

Food attracts pests

On July 20, an Avondale Road resident told Woodmere police that she and her husband hired Vexrid Pest Management to capture animals in their yard, particularly skunks. While the pest control worker was setting up a trap, he noticed a man putting food in the rear corner of the client’s property, according to the report. The resident said that cats, possums, raccoons and groundhogs also come onto her property, the report states. Police said that the man was advised to stop dumping cat food onto the woman’s property.

Biden signs stolen

Russell Township police received a report on July 18 of a stolen sign supporting Joe Biden for president. A Fairmount Road resident called to explain that he had witnessed someone get out of a gray SUV and take the sign. The resident requested an extra patrol to visit the area.

Officer offers couple advice

A South Russell police officer offered advice to a couple after observing them arguing at the South Russell Village Park on July 21, according to reports. The couple told the officer that they were discussing relationship issues, and the officer determined there were no signs of abuse after talking to them. He then asked both of them to leave the park as it was closed.

Wires burning grass

Russell Township Police Department assisted the fire department in clearing wires from a Chillicothe Road address after a caller noticed the telephone wires were down and were starting to burn the grass on July 20.

Harassing texts and calls

On July 25, a Cedar Road resident reported receiving harassing text messages and phone calls. The resident requested that the Gates Mills police contact the other party involved to advise him to cease all communications with the resident, according to the report. The officer made contact with the other party and he was advised and will comply with the order, the report states.

Driver cited in rollover accident

On July 26, Gates Mills police responded to a non-injury single motor vehicle accident on Wilson Mills Road. The female driver was traveling east when she lost control of her vehicle, causing it to travel off the roadway and roll over, according to the report. Heaven Sherell Alisha Williams, 21, of Cleveland was cited for driving under suspension and reasonable control, the report states.

Dispute at hotel

On July 24, Orange police responded to the Drury Inn and Suites at 4100 Orange Place Drive for a disturbance report. A 29-year-old woman and the father of her child got into an argument, but the man was no longer at the scene, according to the report. The woman said that he slapped her and kicked her, the report states. She advised that she did not want any police action and signed a refusal to prosecute form.

Car keyed at grocery store

On July 24, a 31-year-old South Euclid resident reported property damage to Orange police. He said that someone may have intentionally scratched his car with a key while he was at work at Whole Foods, located at 50 Wall St., according to the report.

Unruly juvenile at hotel

On July 24, Orange police responded to Extended Stay South at 3820 Orange Place Drive for an unruly juvenile report. The daughter said that she got into a verbal argument with her mother about chores, according to the report. She said that her mother pointed a kitchen knife at her, the report states. Police said that the 53-year-old mother agreed that they had an argument, but she did not hold a knife to her daughter. Police were not able to find another relative for the daughter to stay with overnight so she stayed with her mother, the report states.

Not really pizza delivery man

On July 26, Orange police responded to a residence on Emery Road for a vehicle sitting in the driveway with the driver’s door open and a man in the backseat. Mark Brzezniak, 54, of South Euclid told police that he was a pizza delivery man and just delivered a pizza to the house, according to the report. When police went to check with the resident, Mr. Brzezniak said that he was tired so he pulled into the driveway to rest in the backseat, the report states. Police said that he was slurring and stumbling when he got out of the car. Mr. Brzezniak was cited for disorderly conduct intoxication and has a Bedford Municipal Court date on Aug. 14, the report states.

Dog bite incidents reported

Chagrin Falls police reported two dog bite incidents. The first was on July 21 when two Chagrin Falls residents and their pets crossed paths at Maple and Church streets.

The woman walking her small dog was attacked by a larger dog being walked by a female, who was cited for the offense.

According to the report, the owner of the small dog was also bitten when she tried to separate the canines.

The veterinarian bill for damages to the bitten dog amounted to $700. Cited was Tracey Foster, 44, who was scheduled for a court appearance on Monday.

The second dog bite incident occurred July 25 on Bell Street at Ridgewood Drive when a male was bitten on his thigh by one of two small dogs being walked by an unidentified female who left the scene.

The incident remains under investigation.

Russell police help in Chester

Russell Township police responded to a mutual aid request on July 19 to assist the Chester Township Police Department in dealing with an intoxicated man with a gun on his hip at a Wilson Mills Road address following a verbal argument he had with his wife. According to the police report, assistance was provided without further incident.

Cat stuck in dashboard

Instead of a tree, Russell Township police officers tried to help a Hitching Post Lane resident remove her cat from her car’s dashboard after the feline climbed up into the vehicle’s wire-filled belly, according to the report.

Deer cleared

A fawn that initially appeared to be injured ran off into the woods, apparently fine, from a Cloveridge Road address in Russell Township on July 20 after a Russell police officer arrived to ascertain the deer’s condition, according to records.

Unsolicited solicitor

A Russell Township police officer had to tell a salesman that he couldn’t sell goods or services in the area without a solicitor’s permit, according to reports. The man agreed to return to Chagrin Falls where he said he had a solicitor’s permit after a Kinsman Road resident called to report him on July 21, police said.

Goose gets away

A goose on Belle Vernon Drive in Russell Township flew away from officers who were trying to check on it after property owners reported the beleaguered bird in the driveway on July 24. The residents were concerned the goose was injured.

Warrant served

On July 18, Bainbridge police received two calls off Pettibone Road and Rivers Edge Drive at about 12:15 p.m. about a suspicious driver of a grey pickup truck who was reportedly stopping and talking to people.

Both callers reported that the male pulled into their driveways and wasn’t making any sense when speaking to them, according to the report. Officers located the vehicle coming out of Rivers Edge and stopped the male on Pettibone.

The male told police he had just left the hospital after getting hit head-on by a car while on a motorcycle, according to the report. He said he needed to go to the hospital, but when officers asked if he needed transport, he said he wanted to go down the street, the report states.

Officers found the male had a warrant for him out of Orange Township for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. David Turner, 29, of Edinburgh, Pennsylvania was transported to University Hospital Geauga Medical Center then the Geauga County Sheriff’s office on the warrant. The owner of the truck retrieved the vehicle.

Solon sees rash of vehicle break-ins

Cars were broken into at multiple locations in Solon beginning July 22, according to police reports that were filed beginning at 7 a.m. that day.

The first was from a female victim, 40, who reported that her car at her Aurora Road apartment was broken into and $25 in cash taken.

Later on Forest Glen, a 30-year-old male reported that someone went through his car and took his keys. A Richmond Road business employee also said that two vans were broken into by smashing windows and about $3,000 in tools were taken.

That same morning, a 71-year-old man on Aurora Road reported that his Nissan sedan was stolen. It had not been recovered as of early this week, police said.

The next day, on July 23, two company trucks were broken into at a Naiman Parkway business and $100 in change was taken, according to reports.

Police said they suspect the thefts are related. There were no suspects as of earlier this week.

Car sale turns to alleged scam

On July 9, a 59-year-old Cleveland man was charged with “theft from a protected person” for attempting to perpetrate a scam on a 91-year-old Hamlet Village man in Chagrin Falls.

Police said the elderly man placed an ad in the paper for a car he wanted to sell and it was answered by Anthony Kimbrough, who took it for a test drive and offered to buy the vehicle for $600 more than the asking price.

According to the report, the buyer promised to deliver a check for the full amount of the car plus $600 if the seller would accompany him to an ATM machine where he was to withdraw the $600 difference for him.

Some money was withdrawn and pocketed by Mr. Kimbrough, according to the report. It was ultimately returned to the Hamlet resident.

Detective Andy Capwill said Mr. Kimbrough was identified through his license plate, which was captured on a security camera. He will appear in Bedford Municipal Court, according to police.

The “protected person” designation refers to victims over the age of 65.

Horses running free

Russell Township police responded to a report on July 23 of two horses that were running in the roadway. Police said they helped the owner round up the horses and advised him to check the fences.

Cool Paw Luke returned home

A dog named “Luke” was returned to his Music Street address on July 22 after a Russell Township police officer found the German shepherd walking down the center of the road just a few houses down. This was the second time Russell officers had to advise the homeowners on keeping Luke secured, according to the report.

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