Unwelcome man at residence

On Nov. 13, Orange police responded to a residence on Emery Road for an unknown truck in the driveway. The female resident has had previous issues with her ex-boyfriend. The truck did belong to the 58-year-old ex-boyfriend of Silver Spring, Maryland, according to the report. He said that he wants some of his property back. The 64-year-old woman said that she did not want him on her property, the report states. The man was advised to use a police escort if he wants his belongings. Otherwise, police said that he will be charged with criminal trespassing if he returns.

Downed trees, power lines

On Nov. 15, residents of Glen Road, Park Lane, Wiltshire Road, Hiram Trail, SOM Center Road, Miles Road, Chagrin Boulevard and South Woodland Road in Moreland Hills reported trees and wires down in the roadway due to the heavy winds, according to the report.

Lyft passenger steals car

On Nov. 7, a male Lyft driver informed Woodmere police that his red 2020 Volkswagen Jetta was stolen. He said that he picked up a woman on St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland and they decided to go through the drive-thru at McDonald’s, 27570 Chagrin Blvd. in Woodmere, according to the report. He left the car while in the drive-thru to relieve himself behind a dumpster. The woman got into the driver’s seat and drove off with the car, the report states. She drove eastbound on Chagrin Boulevard. The Lyft driver said that he also had a 40 caliber handgun in the vehicle when it was stolen, police said.

School goes to lockdown

A report of shots fired sent Chagrin village police to a house on East Washington Street on Nov. 9. The school district locked down buildings temporarily as a precaution.

Police said a landscaper made the report and said there was a female on the driveway of the house.

The homeowner told police that he was training his new hunting dog with a device that resembles a gun which launches an object into the air that the dog then retrieved. He said the device is designed to sound like a gun so the dog can get used to it.

Police reprimanded the man for not knowing better than to use the launcher within village limits and warned him about using it again.

Driver strikes guardrail

On Nov. 8, Gates Mills police responded to the intersection of Chagrin River Road and Wilson Mills Road for a single motor vehicle accident. The 22-year-old Cleveland man was traveling eastbound on Wilson Mills when he lost control of his vehicle and struck a guardrail, according to the report. Da Mario Le Curt Daniels was not injured, but was cited for stop sign, no seat belt, no driver’s license and driving under suspension, the report states.

Theft probed in Solon

Solon detectives were investigating the theft of a vehicle Nov. 13.

At 7:34 a.m., police responded to two residences, one on Longview Road and another on Arlesford Road, where unknown suspects overnight took a Chevy pickup and a Nissan SUV, both of which were left unlocked with keys inside, while parked in the driveway.

The vehicles were located in the Cleveland area.

The department’s detective bureau is investigating.

Dogs attack chickens

On Nov. 11, a resident of Route 306 in Russell reported that two dogs ran through her yard and attacked two of her chickens then ran into the woods, according to the report. Police did not locate the dogs.

Footprints in concrete reported

No harm, no foul was the verdict on an act of vandalism that was not allowed to develop when a cement contractor saw 13 footprints in newly poured concrete on East Orange Street on Nov. 12.

He told Chagrin Falls police he would not make a formal complaint if he could fix the damage by washing away the curing compound. He called later to say the fix was successful and the footprints were gone.

Police said the original damage happened between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m that day, but there were no cameras close enough to catch the identities of the culprits.

Credit card fraud

On Nov. 14, Orange police responded to the AC Marriott at 300 Park Ave. for a theft report. A 15-year-old Shaker Heights female said that when she left the lobby, her wallet was on the chair, according to the report. It was missing when she returned and $266 was charged on her debit card online, the report states. Police said that the hotel clerk did not have access to the camera system and the teen canceled her debit card.

Flying squirrel in the kitchen

On Nov. 10, Moreland Hills police responded to a residence on Fairway Trail for a report of a loose bat in the kitchen. An officer removed the flying squirrel, according to the report.

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