Domestic violence charges

A Solon man was charged with domestic violence Aug. 14 by Solon police.

At 10:26 a.m., police responded to Liberty Road for the report of an argument between two brothers. The victim, 65, was pushed off the steps and had cuts on his head and arm.

Police charged a man, 60, with domestic violence in the incident.

Car struck on highway

On Aug. 10, a car was slowing down on Interstate 271 in Pepper Pike due to traffic stopped ahead for construction. The car behind it tried to swerve but struck the car. Tyesha Calhoun, 29, of Inglewood, California was cited for speed, according to the report. The other driver, Michaela Freeman, 34, of Cleveland Heights was cited for driving under suspension, the report states. Neither party could provide proof of insurance.

Groundhog reported missing

On Aug. 13, a man came to the Bainbridge police station to report a case of theft. The complainant told police that while eating at a Bainbridge restaurant the night before, he had a groundhog in a cage in the back of his truck. While in the restaurant, someone asked him why he had a groundhog in the back of his truck and he said he’s a licenced trapper, according to the report. When he came back to his truck, he found the groundhog to be missing. Police said there are no unique physical identifiers of what the missing groundhog looked like.

Woman cited for speed

On Aug. 12, Leslie Joudrey, 20, of Newbury was stopped on Mayfield Road in Gates Mills for speeding at 80 mph in a 45 mph zone, according to the report. She was cited for speed and reckless operation and will appear in Lyndhurst Municipal Court, the report states.

Man cited in traffic crash

Bainbridge police responded to a crash on Haskins Road and East Washington Street on Aug. 13. A driver traveling southbound on Haskins struck a vehicle traveling eastbound on East Washington, according to the report. The 79-year-old eastbound driver sustained injuries and he was transported to the Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital. Police cited the southbound driver, Adam Nelson, 38, of Auburn Township for failure to yield to the right of way at a stop sign. He did not report any injuries, police said.

Man faces fleeing, eluding charges

A Bedford man was charged by Solon police with fleeing and eluding police on Aug. 11.

At 3:17 p.m., police stopped a car on Aurora Road for expired plates. When the officer went back to tell the driver he would be arrested, he took off, police said. A short pursuit was called off for safety, the report said.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Marvonte Ramsey, 21, for fleeing, eluding and driving under suspension, according to the report.

Driver suspected of OVI

A Maple Heights man was charged with drunken driving on Aug. 15 by Solon police.

At 1:29 a.m., police stopped a car on Miles Road after being observed driving erratically on the Route 422 freeway.

The driver failed field sobriety tests and was arrested. At the station, he submitted to a breath test which registered a .179 BAC.

John Larkin, 67, was charged with OVI, prohibited BAC and reckless operation, police said.

Speeding car stopped on Route 422

A Youngstown man was charged with drunken driving on Aug. 16 by Solon police.

At 2:38 a.m., police stopped a car for speeding on Route 422. It was clocked at over 100 mph, the report said.

The driver failed field sobriety tests and was arrested. At the station, he submitted to a breath test which registered .20 BAC.

Bader Aldossary, 24, was charged with OVI, prohibited BAC, seatbelt and reckless operation, police said.

Multiple thefts from store

Bainbridge police responded to multiple reports of theft last weekend from the Walmart at 7235 Market Place Drive.

Police arrested a Bainbridge male for theft in an Aug. 15 incident after receiving a call from Walmart employees who observed the male putting things in bags without scanning them at the self checkout, according to the report. When he tried to leave without paying, loss prevention staff stopped him and found about $172 worth of unpaid food and cleaning supplies. Police charged David Leffel, 59, with theft.

Police also charged two individuals on separate cases of theft on Aug. 16. Both instances involved individuals placing items in bags at the self checkout without scanning them. Police charged Tia Simone Robinson, 36, of Cleveland with theft in the amount of about $156 worth of merchandise and Jamaun Tyshon Wilson, 18, of Warrensville Heights with theft in the amount of about $197 worth of merchandise.

Man reports stabbing

On Aug. 17, Orange police responded to the Beachwood Inn at 3795 Orange Place Drive in reference to a man stabbed with a screwdriver by his girlfriend. The 55-year-old Columbus man said that they quarreled over a cigarette lighter and then his girlfriend stabbed him with a screwdriver on his left forearm, according to the report.

The 43-year-old Columbus woman gave police conflicting stories and said that she used a pen, not a screwdriver, the report states. Police determined that the woman was the primary aggressor. Although the man declined pressing charges, police advised that the state of Ohio will file domestic violence charges and impose a temporary protection order on his behalf. The woman was arrested for domestic violence and transported to the Bedford jail, the report states.

Woman charged with menacing

On Aug. 11, Orange police responded to the Shell gas station at 27010 Chagrin Blvd. for an employee who was threatened by a coworker. The 33-year-old employee said that two teenage coworkers, who were not on duty at the time, came to the gas station and one threatened her, according to the report. The assistant manager said that those two coworkers were involved in a prior incident with police, the report states. Police said that Tamika Norris, 19, of Orange Village was arrested for menacing and transported to the Bedford jail.

Resident accused of resisting arrest

On Aug. 11, an Orange police officer reported observing Christopher Muldoon, 58, drinking a beer outside his house on Miles Road, according to the report. He is known for yelling profanities at his neighbors, so the officer parked his unmarked car at the cemetery across the street to ensure that the man was not menacing anyone. Mr. Muldoon crossed Miles and charged at the police car with his beer can before pounding the hood, the report states. He was advised that he was under arrest but ran back to his house and the officer pursued and tazed him, police said. He was transported to University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center. Mr. Muldoon was cited for open container of alcohol, public intoxication, failure to comply with a lawful order and resisting arrest, the report states.

Traffic crash off Route 422

Bainbridge police cited a Cleveland man in an Aug. 10 traffic crash. The driver of a vehicle coming out of the eastbound ramp of Route 422 struck the side of a vehicle traveling north on Chillicothe Road (Route 306). Police cited Rickie Lovell, 53, of Cleveland for failure to yield to a red light. No injuries were reported.

Officer scoots to assist

On Aug. 15, a female driver called Chagrin Falls police to report she has her blinkers on and was following an elderly woman on a scooter who was waiting at the corner of Bell and Cleveland streets and requested an officer to check on her.

The caller said the scooter appeared unsteady. Police assisted the woman as she crossed the street on her way home to the Hamlet Village.

Surgery side effects

A woman called Chagrin Falls police on Aug. 13 saying that her husband had been in and out of consciousness since returning home from a colonoscopy procedure.

She advised officers that he had been given a sedative and had consumed an alcoholic beverage after returning home.

Scam at Lululemon

On Aug. 10, Woodmere police responded to Lululemon at 28859 Chagrin Blvd. for a fraud report. A floor manager took an unknown call and was informed to call a new number, the “Asset Protection federal line number,” according to the report. The unknown caller said that the store manager was under investigation for fraud for not paying taxes, the report states. The caller told the floor manager that to keep Lululemon from closing, she needed to take $1,200 from the store safe and make an emergency deposit with Green Dot gift cards, police said. She did as she was told and then realized that it was a scam and called the police.

Traffic snarls on Ridgewood

Chagrin Falls police last week had several calls of traffic tie-up issues on Ridgewood Road, the detour route around the East Washington Street construction site.

On Aug 12, a woman told officers “traffic is a mess” and was advised the situation will be a problem until the project is completed on Aug. 28.

That same day, a driver complained there was no police officer directing traffic in the area and parents driving their kids to school had not been notified of the disruption.

Police said the school district had sent notices to parents regarding the construction.

Aug. 14, a woman reported motorists were being impatient with the “gridlock” caused by slow-moving traffic and were having difficulty merging into single lane traffic on Ridgewood Road.

Police officers have not been deployed to the area to direct traffic which is being managed with a traffic signal on one side of Ridgewood Road and a stop sign at the other end.

Smoking teens reported

Chagrin Falls police received a call from a woman on Aug. 11 who reported a group of high school or college aged students smoking marijuana in the Triangle Park bandstand.

Officers reported that the group dispersed upon their arrival.

Mask debate at BP

On Aug. 11, Chagrin Falls police reported an incident at the BP gas station on Washington Street during which a verbal altercation broke out between a Chagrin Falls woman and group of four individuals after she commented they were not wearing masks as they entered the store.

All parties were gone on arrival but the BP employee advised officers the complaint was “exaggerated.”

Credit card fraud reported

A Chagrin Falls man whose car was stolen two weeks ago called village police on Aug. 11 to report that one of his credit cards had been fraudulently used and suspected the incident was connected.

Police reported they have video tape from the location where the card was used and now have images of the suspect. The investigation continues.

Pantless woman reported in lot

Chagrin Falls police responded to a report of a naked woman outside the Citadel Condominiums on Aug. 12 and found a female, nude from the waist down, stumbling around the parking lot arguing with a male who advised officers his girlfriend was drunk and he had taken her keys to stop her from driving.

Police arranged for her to sleep it off in his apartment but were called back a few minutes later when, according to the boyfriend, she had kicked him and refused to get into bed then climbed out a window.

She was located sitting on a nearby hillside but fled apprehension by attempting to climb through the window of another apartment.

Her pants were retrieved and she was taken into custody and returned to the station where she was charged with disorderly conduct.

Shelli Williams, 33, of West Salem posted a $1,000 personal bond and was released to her sister. Ms. Williams was scheduled to appear in Bedford Municipal Court on Aug. 24.

Water central to domestic fight

A 59-year-old Chagrin Falls man was charged with domestic violence on Aug. 12 after he threw a water glass at his 51-year-old wife, causing swelling to her sternum, according to Chagrin Falls police.

Officers were responding to a 911 hang-up call from a Nob Hill apartment where they found the couple in the middle of an argument. The male said she threw water on him soaking the bed and his cell phone. He threw the glass at her in response.

He was charged with domestic violence, was kept overnight in jail, arraigned the next day and ordered to leave the home in accordance with a protection order just issued against him.

He has paid a $1,500 personal bond and is expected back in Bedford Municipal Court on Aug. 24.

Police accompanied him home where he retrieved some clothing and other belongings. He is staying with a relative in Chagrin Falls, police said.

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