Unwanted visitor

Officers were dispatched to a South Main Street house on July 17 regarding an unknown male banging on the door asking to be let inside.

Police reported that the man was a contractor working on a job in Chagrin Falls and temporarily living in the village. He was transported back to his apartment. There were no charges.

Mystery substance on cars

On July 18, Chagrin Falls police responded to Maple and Water streets on a report that someone intentionally splattered two parked cars with what appeared to be a dairy product.

According to one witness, a white van was seen in the area lingering near the location and the occupant appeared to be taking pictures. Another witness said he saw something being thrown from the same vehicle.

The owner of one of the vehicles stated he may know who was responsible for the incident and police attempted to contact the person but has been unable to talk to the party. The investigation is ongoing.

Leaf blower missing

On July 13, a Chagrin Falls police officer responded to a call about a stolen leaf blower from a landscaper’s truck parked on South Franklin Street.

The owner of a landscaping company stated his employee placed the leaf blower in the bed of the truck, went back to work in the yard but found the machine missing when he returned to the truck.

Dog fight on Maple

On July 14, a witness contacted Chagrin Falls police to report seeing the dog leave its Maple Street yard and attack a large black dog on a nearby tree lawn and sidewalk.

The homeowner removed her dog from the scene and the dog that was attacked was led away by a woman.

Chagrin Falls officers were dispatched to a Carriage Drive residence on July 19 for a report from a female that her neighbor had just kicked unruly juveniles out of her apartment.

She stated that she was concerned the group had been drinking and her grandson was last seen following them from the area.

Threats at waxing center

On July 6, Woodmere police responded to the European Wax Center at 27129 Chagrin Blvd. for a disturbance report. A woman came into the business and was verbally abusive to the employees because she missed her appointment and the employees could not squeeze her into the schedule, according to the report. Before she arrived, she yelled and swore at the employees on the phone. She made a threatening gesture toward an employee, the report states. The woman is not welcome back at the business, but the employee did not want to press charges. Police said if she returns, the woman will be charged with criminal trespassing.

Dispute with landlord

On July 7, a tenant of a Medfield Road residence in Pepper Pike reported a dispute with the landlord. She was advised to contact Shaker Heights Municipal Court, according to police.

Suspicious man

On July 7, Pepper Pike police received a suspicion report for a residence on Legends Way around 10:30 p.m. The resident said there was a suspicious man on the property and police asked him not to return, according to the report. There was a business relationship between the man and the resident, the report states.

Runaway from New Directions

On July 8, a male juvenile left New Directions, at 30800 Chagrin Blvd. in Pepper Pike. He was located on Chagrin and returned to the facility, according to the report. The juvenile made comments about harming himself and he was voluntarily transported to Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, the report states.

Property line dispute

On July 14, a Gates Mills Boulevard resident came to the Pepper Pike police station to report a property line dispute. She was advised to have the property surveyed, according to the report.

Assault reported

On July 10, an assault between two female clients at New Directions, 30800 Chagrin Blvd., was reported to Pepper Pike police. The victim had minor injuries, according to the report. The case was sent to the Cuyahoga County juvenile prosecutor’s office for charges.

Attempted theft by deception

On July 13, a man reported attempted theft by deception to Pepper Pike police. He works in a business office on Chagrin Boulevard and received a fraudulent check in the mail, according to the report. His bank notified him about the attempted fraud, so he did not lose any funds, the report states.

Pedestrian causes road hazard

On July 15, Gates Mills police responded to Mayfield Road for a woman walking in the roadway down the hill, creating a traffic hazard. An officer found the woman and gave her a courtesy ride to Walmart in Mayfield Heights per her request, according to the report.

Child locked in car

On July 16, Gates Mills police responded to the Gates Mills Garden Club property at 1280 Chagrin River Road for a vehicle lockout with a 1-year-old child locked inside. The officer gained entry to the vehicle and the child was safe, according to the report.

Noise complaints

On July 17, residents of Ellendale Road, Berkeley Avenue, West Juniper Lane and Cableknoll Lane called Moreland Hills police with noise complaints regarding a party on Laurel Court. Police spoke with the homeowner, who said that there was a catered party with a band flown in from New York, according to the report. She said that she cleared the party with the police department prior to the start of the event. Lt. Todd Dietzel said the band turned down the volume every time police came to the home and the resident was cooperative.

Gravel dumped

On July 3, a Russell resident on Northwood Road reported that someone dumped two loads gravel on the back side their property off of Cuyahoga Trail. According to the report, the resident stated that they found a backhoe on the property next to the pile and nobody had asked permission to use the property. Officers advised the resident a report will be filed and to call if they see someone on the property.

Disabled vehicle

On July 4, Russell officers received a report of an occupied disabled vehicle at Kinsman and Chillicothe Road. According to the report, officers made contact with the driver who stated that a tie rod broke and requested a tow. Mason’s Towing was contacted and the car was towed.

Dogs loose

On July 4, Russell officers received a report of two dogs loose on Cuyahoga Trail. According to the report, officers spoke with a resident over the phone who stated that the dogs were loose in their driveway. Officers attempted to contact the dog owner and were unsuccessful.

Beagle missing

On July 4, a Russell male resident on Pekin Road reported that his elderly female beagle had ran from his property due to fireworks in the area. According to the report, the beagle was wearing a pink collar and the resident wanted officers to be aware in case someone finds the dog.

Dog found

On July 5, a Russell female resident reported that her family had found an older golden retriever standing in the middle of Music Street near Fedeli Lane. According to the report, the resident called to advise officers that she will keep the dog at her residence until the owner is located.

Brown dog found

On July 11, a Russell male resident on Music Street reported finding a dog in his backyard. According to the report, the dog was brown with long hair and the resident wanted officers to be aware just in case someone calls in to report a missing dog.

Party shut down

On July 11, Russell officers received a report of a loud party going on for several hours on Cothelstone Lane. According to the report, officers spoke with the homeowner upon arrival and advised them of the loud noise complaint. The homeowner stated that the party would be shut down for the evening.

Paint spill

On July 14, Russell officers received a report of a paint spill on the roadway at Benner Drive and Caves Road. According to the report, officers requested that dispatch contact the Geauga County Engineers Highway Workers to respond to the situation and request the Russell Road Department to put road closed signs up. Officers stayed on scene to block the roadway until road crews arrived.

Wires down

On July 15, Russell officers were dispatched to assist the fire department for a wire down across the roadway and laying in a resident’s neighbor’s yard on West Willard Road. According to the report, officers located the wire upon arrival and determined that it was a cable line. The fire department requested dispatch to contact Spectrum for repair.

Tree down

On July 14, a Munson Township resident on Bean Road reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office that a tree was down in the roadway. According to the report, the Munson Fire Department was contacted to remove the tree from the road.

Egging on passing cars

On July 14, deputies received a report of someone throwing things at passing motorists between Bascom Road and Tudor Place in Hambden Township. According to a report from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, a vehicle was struck by eggs, which damaged the hood. Deputies were unable to locate any individuals.

Horn complaint

On July 14, a Montville Township resident on Clay Street reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office stating that a silver Chevy Malibu with a CHOC bumper sticker drives by and blows its horn every day. According to the report, the vehicle drives by the house and honks the horn at 5 a.m. An extra patrol was requested by the resident.

Flag stolen

On July 13, a Hambden Township female resident on Regents Way reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office stating that her American flag with a pole was torn down and nowhere to be found when she arrived home. According to the report, the resident spoke with deputies and had requested extra patrols.

Family dispute

On July 13, a Chardon Township female resident reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office stating that her brother had stolen her jewelry. According to the report, the resident claimed that the brother was breaking into the house to steal her things. Deputies found that the resident suffers from delusional thoughts and is under a doctor’s care. Deputies checked with the resident’s other siblings, who confirmed the medical issue.

Payment scam

On July 13, an Auburn Township female resident reported to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office stating that she went to the bank and was advised that her identity was stolen. According to the report, the resident stated that she fell victim to a PayPal scam and provided her personal information. The resident further stated that her bank had shut everything down and sent out alerts on her credit. The incident was documented.

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