Warrant served following welfare check

On Jan. 14, Orange police responded to Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant, 27200 Harvard Road, for a welfare check. The manager said he was concerned that a female who may be intoxicated may try to operate her vehicle which had disabling damage. Police identified the woman as Theresa White, 45, of Cleveland, according to the report. Officers did not notice any signs of impairment, and Ms. White said that she was trying to determine why her car had a flat tire.

Ms. White was found to have a warrant with North Olmsted police, and a North Olmsted officer took custody of her at GetGo gas station in Garfield Heights, the report states. The manager at Cooper’s Hawk also stated that he had to comp Ms. White’s $12 bar bill that was unpaid and stated that she is no longer welcome at the restaurant, the report states. Interstate Towing removed the vehicle.

Daughter warns of mother’s driving

The daughter of an 80-year-old woman described as drinking too much wine called Chagrin Falls police Jan. 10 to warn them she was headed into Chagrin Falls and feared for other drivers. The car and described driver were located on Main Street but, according to the officer, he witnessed no violations.

Juveniles dine and dash

An incident involving a reported dine and dash is being investigated by Bainbridge police. On Friday, eight male juveniles were reported as being disruptive at the Steak ‘n Shake restaurant on Aurora Road (Route 43). They then paid $60 of a bill for their meals and were short by about $15. They left without paying the full amount, according to the police report.

Theft reported from Rite Aid

On Jan. 10, Woodmere police responded to Rite Aid, 28600 Chagrin Blvd., regarding a theft report. Rite Aid employees stated that an unknown male was seen leaving the store with a basket of merchandise and set off the alarm at the front entrance, according to the report. Employees followed the male outside and saw him get into the passenger side of a Lincoln Town Car that left in an unknown direction, according to the report. Rite Aid stated they did not want to move forward with any charges, the report states.

Woman receives unwanted taffy

On Jan. 8, an employee of the post office on Chagrin River Road in Gates Mills received a package of saltwater taffy in the mail from an old acquaintance that made her feel uncomfortable, according to the report. The male was contacted by Gates Mills police and advised to cease and desist. The male stated he would comply, the report states.

Employee reports assault

On Jan. 8, Orange police officers responded to the Woodhouse Day Spa at Pinecrest, 300 Park Ave., for a report of assault. An employee advised police that she was assaulted by a coworker, Janez Vines, 35, of Cleveland. The woman stated that she went to another room to get away from Ms. Vines, but Ms. Vines also entered the room and shoved her forearm into the woman’s chest and into the wall, according to the report.

The woman said Ms. Vines made physical threats to do her bodily harm and prevented her from leaving the room, the report states. The woman refused to be transported to the hospital and responded to the Orange police department to press charges, the report states. Ms. Vines was charged with assault and menacing, and had a Bedford Municipal Court date on Jan. 11, according to the report.

Woman cited in mailbox crash

On Jan. 13, a vehicle traveling eastbound on Cedar Road in Pepper Pike struck two mailboxes and came to rest in the front yard of a residence, according to the report. Amanda Ward, 39, of Cleveland Heights was cited for OVI, the report states.

Man charged in Walmart theft

As a male shopper attempted to push out unpaid merchandise in a cart Sunday, Bainbridge Walmart store security personnel pursued him. He was able to get away in a vehicle parked in the Marketplace Shopping Center parking lot. The vehicle was stopped by Solon police in that city. The attempted theft involved $342.94 worth of items including a mixer, jeans and other merchandise, the report states. Bainbridge police charged Derrill McKnight, 56, of Cleveland with theft.

Car struck on SOM Center Road

On Jan. 9, a car was traveling north on SOM Center Road in Moreland Hills and struck the vehicle in front of it when the traffic started to slow, according to the report. Joseph Volk, 69, of Chagrin Falls was cited for assured clear distance ahead, the report states.

Theft reported at BIBIBOP

On Jan. 12, Orange police responded to BIBIBOP Asian Grill at Pinecrest, 511 Park Ave., for a theft report. An employee stated that she brought her iPad to work on Jan. 9 and left it in her purse in the employee office. She noticed the iPad was missing on Jan. 11, according to the report. She said that her district manager is pulling video footage from the specified time frame. The employee was advised to contact Orange police when the video footage is available, and she stated that she would like to press charges when a suspect is identified, the report states.

Missing girl found safe

On Jan. 9, Gates Mills police responded to the Gates Mills Environmental Education Center on County Line Road for a report of a 15-year-old female student from South Euclid who was reported missing the day before, according to the report. Officers located the juvenile at the school. South Euclid police contacted the guardian to pick the student up but her guardian refused to do so, the report states. South Euclid advised Gates Mills police to release the female since she was found safe, the report states.

Company advises police of repossession

On Jan. 13, a finance company repo man advised Chagrin Falls police he would be taking a vehicle belonging to a Carriage Drive man that day. He said the car’s owner has no knowledge this was going to happen in the event he calls it in as a stolen car.

Boyfriend advised to stay away

On Jan. 9, Orange police responded to a residence in the village regarding a call from a woman’s boyfriend. The woman had her cell phone on speakerphone and allowed police to listen to her boyfriend ramble on the phone about the woman’s pregnancy, according to the report. She said that he has made threats against her in the past, but none recently, according to the report. Officers advised the boyfriend to stay away from the residence or risk being charged with trespassing.

Officer advises man of rules

On Jan. 8 while working a detail at Alson Jewelers, 28149 Chagrin Blvd., a Woodmere police officer observed a male outside the store approach a female customer who advised that the male asked her for money to catch the bus, according to the report. The officer told the male that there was no panhandling allowed in Woodmere and searched his bag, where he found several unopened steaks and bottles of beer, the report states.

The manager of Trader Joe’s on Chagrin Boulevard said that the male left the store without paying for the steaks, but did not want to press charges, the report states. The male was asked not to return to the store and advised that he would face trespassing charges if he returns.

Police charge man in Target theft

Bainbridge police arrested a shopper Saturday at the Target Store at the North Marketplace Shopping Center. The shopper said he was stealing so he could give his younger brother Christmas presents for which he had no money for during the holiday. The items were valued at $184.97. Police charged Jacob Mendlovic, 26, of Solon with theft.

Woman cited for suspended license

On Jan. 10, Moreland Hills police observed a driver traveling at 54 mph in a 35 mph zone on Chagrin Boulevard near Chagrin River Road. The officer conducted a traffic stop at Chagrin Boulevard and West Street in Chagrin Falls, and identified the driver as Anna Jenkins, 31, of Willowick. Ms. Jenkins was cited for speed and driving under a suspended license, the report states. She was issued a Bedford Municipal Court date of Jan. 15 and her car was towed by Bainbridge Towing, the report states.

Death threats reported

A male came to the Chagrin Falls police station Jan. 13 to report a local man had been telephoning death threats to several of his friends and saying he would use a knife on them. Police reported their intention to interview the would-be knife slinger. Details of that discussion were not reported.

Warrant served

On Jan. 11, dispatch advised Orange police that Linndale police had Kadeshia Foster, 26, of Cleveland in custody, according to the report. Ms. Foster had an outstanding warrant with Orange, and officers took custody of Ms. Foster and transported her to the Solon jail, the report states.

Student driver strikes vehicle

On Jan. 14, an Orange High School student struck another vehicle in the campus parking lot while trying to park, according to the report. Both parties exchanged insurance information, and a Moreland Hills police officer explained the situation to the student’s mother, the report states.

Man charged with paraphernalia

On Jan. 9, Bainbridge police pursued a shopper at the Walmart store at Marketplace Shopping Center who attempted to push a cart of unpaid merchandise out of the store. The items included a 55-inch television and a sound bar, valued at $676. Roger Humphrey, 40, of Leavittsburg was apprehended and police found four glass pipes in his van with a digital scale. They also recovered seven hypodermic needles. Police charged him with theft, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drug abuse instruments.

Missing jewelry reported

On Jan. 10, a resident of Greentree Road in Moreland Hills reported various pieces of jewelry missing to Moreland Hills police. She said that over the past year, pearl earrings, a pearl and diamond ring, a ruby and diamond ring and a diamond engagement ring have gone missing from her home, according to the report. The woman stated that she and her husband suspect that the items were stolen by the pet sitter, who lives in Chagrin Falls, the report states.

Driver backs into building

A West Orange Street business owner contacted Chagrin Falls police Jan. 11 to report a woman who had been warned about parking in his lot had just backed into a spot and hit the building, which showed signs of damage.

The male said the woman then got out and ran into the Bull and Bird restaurant. The officer was advising the complainant that he had proper signage in place and could have the car towed just as the woman returned, the report states. The woman then indicated a willingness to pay for damages, according to the report.

Driver cited following crash

A car pulling a trailer went off the right side of the road Jan. 9 in Bainbridge, struck two mailboxes and then went into the ditch. The vehicle was headed south on Chillicothe Road (Route 306) on the Lake Lucerne hill. The driver said he braked to avoid hitting another vehicle that was swerving on the wet pavement, the report states. Police cited Luis Montelongo, 38, of Hartville with failure to control.

Police investigating beer theft

Chagrin Falls police and Heinen’s loss prevention personnel will view the store’s surveillance video in an effort to learn the identity of a male seen taking a 12-pack of Budweiser beer and leaving the store without paying for it.

The incident occurred on Jan. 13 when the male was seen putting the beer into a backpack, police said. He was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and sweatpants but his direction of travel and whether he left by car or on foot is unknown.

Car rear-ended near Lander Circle

On Jan. 8, a car was stopped at the stop sign going westbound on Chagrin Boulevard before entering Lander Circle in Pepper Pike. Another car struck that car from the rear, according to the report. George Benedikt, 71, of Solon was cited for assured clear distance ahead, the report states.

Brady supervisor reports damage

On Jan. 14, the maintenance supervisor for Orange Schools reported property damage to Moreland Hills police. She stated that there were tire ruts in grass areas near Brady Middle School, according to the report. Police determined that the vehicle was driven by a student at Orange High School, and his mother said that he would no longer drive his car in that manner, the report states.

Officer unable to determine fault

On Jan. 11, a driver reported to Pepper Pike police that she was traveling eastbound on Shaker Boulevard in Pepper Pike, and another car was traveling southbound on Lander Road. Both drivers stopped at the stop sign and proceeded through the intersection, where they collided, according to the report. The officer was unable to determine who was at fault, the report states.

Dump truck turfs lawn

On Jan. 9, Moreland Hills police responded to a residence on Sterncrest Road for a report of a disabled truck. A man stated his dump truck slid off the driveway when he was leaving the residence, turfing a portion of the lawn, according to the report. The officer contacted Payne and Payne Builders, the construction company working on the house, and they advised that they would call the homeowner. The officer also spoke with a contractor, who said that they could fix the dirt now and return in the spring to put down grass seed and straw, the report states.

Woman reports theft from car

A Solon female reported theft from her vehicle to Solon police Jan. 7. At 10 p.m., a 48-year-old resident of Park East Apartments said her car was broken into. She went to get in the car to go to work at 4 a.m. and found her back window smashed, the report states. A small box with a phone and some tennis shoes was taken, police said.

Van reported missing

A Solon company reported a van missing Jan. 10 to Solon police. At 9:02 p.m., representatives from BC Managing said a van went missing earlier that week. It was left unlocked with the keys inside and was valued at $10,000, the report said. The matter is being followed up by the detective bureau because there are video surveillance cameras, police said.

Man cited for feeding cats

A Bainbridge man was cited in connection with a complaint from December. On Dec. 22, KinderCare at 6140 Kruse Drive had reported someone repeatedly entering their property and feeding the cats. The man was warned by Solon police to not do it anymore, but returned and fed the cats again Jan. 11, according to the report.

At 8:50 p.m. Jan. 14, a Solon officer went to the home to cite the man in the incident. Mark Heiferling, 62, was issued two misdemeanor citations, one for criminal trespassing and one for littering or dumping on private property without permission in the incident, police said.

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