Property damage reported

On June 4, a North Strawberry Lane resident of Moreland Hills advised police that their mailbox was damaged. The resident did not see anyone hit the mailbox, according to the report.

Police investigating reported assault

At about 2 a.m. on Saturday, Bainbridge police received a call concerning a man who was assaulted in front of the Greenville Inn. He was bleeding from the nose and mouth and was intoxicated, according to the report. Police learned there was a confrontation inside. A 32-year-old Nashville, Tennessee man was transported to Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital for medical care, the report stated. Police said no arrests were made as they are still investigating the incident.

Man disrupts arts festival

On June 9, Chagrin Falls police received a complaint about a male in his 60s “giving people a hard time and yelling at them” claiming he was an Art by the Falls volunteer. According to the event’s coordinator, the man’s name was not on the volunteer list, but he was later identified by others as an ABF worker. Officers attempted to contact the subject of the complaint but were told by other workers he had left the festival and said he was going home.

Woman requests attention to home

A Chagrin Falls woman contacted Chagrin Falls police June 4 to report fearing her ex-boyfriend and asked for special attention to her home. She explained the two met up in an area park recently and while there was no violence or threats, she was still uncomfortable due to the verbal confrontation, the report states.

Police search for local man

On Sunday, a 25-year-old man called Hunting Valley police to report he could not find his 21-year-old friend. The friends had been drinking and were walking home down County Line Road when his friend started running toward South Woodland Road, according to the report. Russell police found the man on County Line Road, the report states.

Hit-and-run reported

On Thursday, a 19-year-old Garfield Heights woman reported that she was stopped for a red light northbound on Brainard Road at Cedar Road in Pepper Pike when she was struck from behind by a white van, according to the Pepper Pike police report. She said the van did not stop and continued onto Interstate 271 northbound. The woman was transported to Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, the report states.

Police advise on civil matter

A Chagrin Falls police officer advised a Greenhaven Drive resident on June 4 that damage done to his newly poured driveway was a civil issue he should settle with the cement contractor. According to the report, a deliveryman accidentally drove through the still wet cement because only one end of the U-shaped driveway had been marked with a warning sign.

Employee charged with store theft

A Bedford resident was charged with theft June 1 at the Target store in Bainbridge. The store employee allegedly pushed a cart with merchandise out of the store without paying, according to the Bainbridge police report. There was $347.80 worth of items in the cart, and Target security personnel had a video of the incident, police said. Deborah Oguta, 24, was charged with theft, according to the Bainbridge police report.

Police deescalate incident

On June 9, Chagrin Falls police answering a call about a disturbance in the Vincent and Bell streets area located a large group of people standing outside a home in the area. According to the report, the incident involved two women, each of whom had a different relationship to one of the males living in the home.

There was no report of physical violence and no firearms involved, the report states. Police instructed the parties to have no further contact with each other and to settle their differences privately, according to the report.

Welfare check on children requested

On Thursday, a woman arrived at the Gates Mills Police Department requesting a welfare check on her children, who were with her ex-husband at the St. Francis of Assisi Church Festival. She was concerned that her ex-husband may be drinking and was concerned for her children, according to the report. Officers located the man and children and everyone was fine, police said.

Wires caught in dump truck

On Thursday, Moreland Hills police responded to a residence on SOM Center Road for a report of sparking wires. A man dropped off a load of mulch and accidently caught electrical wires on his truck bed between the house and the street utility pole, according to the report. The Chagrin Falls Suburban Volunteer Fireman’s Association tested the wires upon arrival and they were dead, police said, and no one was injured from the incident, the report states.

Woman leaves purse in freezer

On June 2, a woman reported to Woodmere police that while shopping at Trader Joe’s at 28425 Chagrin Blvd., she opened her purse to check her phone, selected several items and then paid for groceries. She then noticed her purse was missing, according to the report. She checked her car for the purse and did not find it, then reported it to the management, who called Woodmere police. Trader Joe’s later called the woman to tell her that she left her purse in the freezer. The woman retrieved her purse and all of the contents were still inside, the report states.

Man cited for right of way

On Thursday, one car was traveling west on South Woodland Road in Pepper Pike while another car was traveling north on Lander Road, according to the Pepper Pike police report. The car on Lander stopped at the stop sign then proceeded into the intersection, and the car on South Woodland did not stop and struck the car on Lander, the report states. Dmitry Gerchikov, 63, of Moreland Hills was cited for right of way, the report states.

Woman reports burglary

A resident on Kenston Lake Drive in Bainbridge reported a burglary to Bainbridge police Friday. The resident reported at about 3 a.m. that an unknown male was in her bedroom as she slept. The man was wearing a covering over his face, and the woman said she started yelling and he ran out of the house. A search dog was brought to the scene, but the individual was not found, according to the report. The incident is under investigation, according to police.

Traffic incident reported

On Saturday, a 40-year-old Solon woman turned right onto SOM Center Road in Moreland Hills from Hiram Trail. She informed Moreland Hills police at the station that after she turned onto SOM, a road rage incident allegedly occurred and another car was driving erratically, according to the report. The woman had a photo of the other car’s license plate and police contacted the driver, a 23-year-old Shaker Heights man, police said.

He said that the woman turned out in front of him and he swerved into the northbound lane to avoid hitting her, the report states. He said he exited his vehicle to talk to her at the red light at SOM and Jackson, but the light changed so he got back in his car and left, police said.

Neighbor removes survey stakes

A Bell Street woman called Chagrin Falls police June 9 to report her neighbor had taken the survey stakes out of her yard. Police said the stakes were given back to the complainant before they arrived, and both parties were advised to leave each other alone and contact police if there are further issues.

Assault reported at Beachwood Inn

On Friday, Orange police responded to the Beachwood Inn at 3725 Orange Place for a reported assault. The 39-year-old victim of Euclid said that she was cleaning when a man approached her and asked her to open a room on the second floor. She told him that he should ask the employee at the front desk and he yelled at her, according to the report.

The man also allegedly lunged at her and choked her before leaving with an unidentified female, the report states. Police said the man’s mother may have been staying in the room that he wanted to enter. The victim picked out the man’s photo from a lineup but was not certain, and she was advised that police would need more evidence to move forward, police said.

Resident reports jewelry theft

Bainbridge police are investigating a reported theft from a home. A resident on Darby’s Run told police June 5 that a Rolex watch valued at $8,000 and an anniversary ring worth $6,000 were stolen. There were workers at the house, according to the report.

Man cited for suspended license

On Saturday, a Moreland Hills police officer was stationary on SOM Center Road between Hiram Trail and Chagrin Boulevard. A red Ford Taurus passed with loud music playing. The officer ran the license plate through LEADS and found that the driver had a suspended license and a warrant with Maple Heights police, according to the report. Eddie Grays, 62, of Cleveland was cited for driving under suspension, the report states. He was arrested and transported to the corner of Miles and Richmond roads, where he was turned over to a Maple Heights officer, police said.

Woman searching for lawnmower

A Woodland Avenue resident in Bainbridge is looking for her push lawnmower. She told Bainbridge police Sunday that she saw someone pushing it down the road on Woodland Avenue. It had been placed at the side of her house before being taken, and police said they are investigating.

Aunt requests overnight parking

A woman attending an event at the Eagles Club with her nephew June 8 called Chagrin Falls police to report he had been rushed to the hospital, but his car was still parked on South Street. She asked and was granted permission to leave it there until it could be moved the following day, police said.

Driver cited for suspended license

Chagrin Falls police made a traffic stop on River Street June 8 and found the driver had a suspended license and reported an aroma of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Officers located a small bag of suspected marijuana and an open container of alcohol in possession of the driver’s female companion, the report states.

The driver, Carl Gordon, 47, of Cleveland, was charged with driving under suspension and possession of marijuana and had an outstanding warrant from Cleveland Heights for unpaid fines, police said. He was to have appeared in Bedford Municipal Court on June 11, the report states. His passenger, Meara Newton, 28, also of Cleveland, was cited for open container, police said.

Police assist elderly resident

On June 3, Gates Mills police responded to an Epping Road residence to assist a 90-year-old man who slid out of his wheelchair and onto the floor. He was not injured and officers placed him back on his chair, according to the report.

Man reports identity theft

Chagrin Falls police are investigating a case of identity theft following a complaint by a resident of three unauthorized purchases made on the internet using his card’s account number. Charges amounted to more than $300 and, according to the complainant, he never lost possession of the card.

Driver cited for drug abuse

On June 3, Brandon Vernon Orr, 21, of Bedford Heights was stopped on Mayfield Road by Gates Mills police for a one headlight violation, according to the report. Police detected an odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and Mr. Orr handed the officer a small baggie of suspected marijuana, police said. Mr. Orr was cited for drug abuse and is scheduled to appear in Lyndhurst Municipal Court, the report states. He was released at the scene.

Resident reports incident

A Chagrin Falls woman reported an incident with a male outside Yours Truly Restaurant to Chagrin Falls police June 3. The woman told officers the man, speaking with a Russian accent, grabbed her, would not let go and asked her for a kiss, according to the report.

Two charged with theft

On Sunday, the Walmart store at Marketplace Shopping Center in Bainbridge reported to Bainbridge police that two women were in the store and one of them came in with a large purse that was full when she attempted to leave. One of the women went to the store’s self-serve registers and did not ring up $22.72 worth of items that were placed in a bag, according to the report. There was also $81.41 worth of merchandise in the purse, police said.

According to police, one of the women said she had to go to the restroom after being apprehended. She then pulled away from the officer and ran outside where she was caught. Police charged Senika Carter, 46, of Oakwood with resisting arrest and theft. She was also charged with criminal trespassing because after a previous incident at a Walmart store in South Euclid, she had been told to stay out of Walmart stores, according to police. Shavonte Carter, 30, of Cleveland was charged with theft involving the $81.41 worth of merchandise.

Woman warned following dog attack

A Chagrin Falls dog owner whose canine attacked a man and his dog while walking along Carriage Stone Drive June 3 has been warned by police to keep the pet on her property. Neither the man nor his dog suffered injuries, police said.

Dogs returned to neighbors

On June 5, a woman advised Hunting Valley police that a man dropped off three lost dogs on Chagrin River Road near Fairmount Boulevard. The caller said that the dogs belonged to the neighbors, and she will keep them until the neighbors come home, according to the report.

Woman reports computer scam

On June 6, a Church Street resident told Chagrin Falls police she had received phone calls from friends warning that her computer had been hacked because they received email pleas from an impersonator pleading for help. That help was asked for in the form of money sent to an overseas account, police said.

Man cited for speeding

On June 4, Henry Rodgers, 29, of Maple Heights was stopped for driving 53 mph in a 35 mph zone on Brigham Road by Gates Mills police, according to the report. Mr. Rodgers was found to be driving on a suspended license, and he was cited for speeding and for driving under a suspended license, the report states. His vehicle was later removed by a licensed driver.

Disabled car towed

On Friday, Orange police responded to Interstate 422 westbound for a report of a disabled vehicle, police said. The vehicle has been disabled and abandoned since June 5, when Solon police intercepted the driver, who was walking along Interstate 422, according to the report. Interstate Towing removed the vehicle.

Animals struck by vehicles

Wildlife in Geauga County was no match for vehicular traffic this past week.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office received two reports of waterfowl that were killed while crossing roads.

On June 5, a Ravenna Road (Route 44) resident in Munson Township reported seeing a vehicle strike a family of geese. A responding deputy noted that two of the baby geese were killed and two had to be put down because of their injuries.

On June 9, a Fairmount Road resident in Newbury Township reported that someone had hit three geese. Two of the geese died from their injuries. The third, with broken wings, was taken by the family to Penitentiary Glen Reservation for rehabilitation.

Residents report earthquake effects

Northern reaches of Geauga County reportedly felt the tremors produced by the 4.2 magnitude earthquake under Lake Erie.

According to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, dispatchers handled several calls from Chardon and Chester reporting experiencing tremors or an explosion following the Monday quake.

The sheriff’s office said no injuries or damage were reported.

Police advise shepherd on drone

A Burton Township sheep farmer sought the advice of police last week after a drone scared his sheep.

According to the Geauga County Sheriff’s office, a Kinsman Road (Route 87) resident called June 5 to report that someone continues to fly a drone over his property, scaring his sheep. The farmer told deputies that one of the sheep was injured after the drone sent it running.

He asked deputies if it is legal to shoot the drone from the sky. Deputies advised the man not to shoot the drone and offered alternatives to that solution.

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